All bad things come to an end.

OMG, I am so happy and relieved right now. After several days and many walks through the city and even more rides with the Metro, I finally found an appartement or to be exact: a room. Today, I have been successful with the 4th trial. The room is very close to the city center and if I compare this room with all the other ones I've seen, it's the best at all. I DO have a window, a normal door and even some space for a wardrobe and a little table. So this is even more than I expected.

The spanish course seems to work out well and now I can also start to concentrate more on all the other Erasmus students, as I do not need to search for flats anymore. There were some very nice French guys in my group, besides some italians, a few participants from other countries like portugal and suize and approximately 50% germans. :-/

I think, I spent most of my money for phone calls. As I used a flatrate while I was in Germany, I totally forgot, how expensive these prepaid cards were. This is really weird, but I shouldn't complain. :-)

Today, for the first time, it was a bit "colder" and we had just 27°C and it was a little bit windy, which made me feel more comfortable here. But it's so cool, just to wear shorts and shirts all day long without any doubts, if this could be to cold. It's quite the difference, if it was possible, I would rather wear swimwear. LOL

What can I tell you about the guys...? I think, there is a wide range for every taste. The style of the girls and boys differs from very alternative to elegant, sexy, lady-/gentleman-like,... I think almost every kind of style is represented. But those of you, who will come and visit, will be able to see everything by their own eyes. ;)

I think, I will go to bed soon. Tomorrow another day in the spanish course is about to take my full concentration in order to speak some words in a full sentence. hehe. But in private life, it somehow works more or less in a good way. So... I am very optimistic. :-)

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Cultural said...

si claro es una situacion igual:)
soy mejorar todos los dias...quiza es possible para mi halbo espanol en una mes o dos...nos vemos:)