Day 1 and 2.

After mz first short night in the hostel, I wanted to look after a shared flat. Therefore I wanted to check the internet to find some new and cool flats. But the big problem is, that the Wifi is not working since yesterday morning and the most annoying thing is, that nobody takes care of this problem in the hostel. So there are just 5 old computers available for the whole hostel. As here are so many people looking for flats, you surely can imagine, that it is almost impossible to find a free computer to look for a flat. The other thing is, that so manz guys are searching for accomodation, that the offer in Madrid is very limited. So, up to now, I do not have any good information concerning "my" flat. I already went to a shared flat of 3 spanish people, but I think it might be to expensive. On Monday evening I will meet another guy to see his flat. If this was be okay, I would take it, so that this topic can be bookmarked as DONE.

As there was no internet available, I walked around a little bit in order to get to know Madrid. I walked through Chueca, crossed Gran Via, la Puerta del Sol and went back on Calle de Fuencarral. I got to see so many beautiful buildings. Very old, but rebuild and just wonderful.

The weather is very hot. Although there are just 30-33 degrees, it is quite hot. I jumped from shadow to shadow, but this even didn't help me that much. All shops and the metro are cold, because of the air conditioner. But it feels good from time to time, to refresh a little bit. I am just afraid of getting sick because of it, but I am optimistic, that this won't happen. :-)

In the evening hours, I met my tutor for the first time: Klaudia. We went out with two spanish friends of her and some other germans also joined us. It was quite relaxing, to hear some german words and to be able to get to know something in my native language. Although I understand more than I expected at first, it is very hard. The guys are talking really fast and as soon as there is some background noise, it is even more difficult to understand them. But it works out somehow and I am trying to talk to them in spanish as well, as most of the guys weren't able to speak english. But as I will be forced to speak, i could not have anz better practice and this is what I wanted at first. :-)

Honestly, I had some conversations totally in spanish and it worked somehow. Using signs, arms and feet, but it worked. hehe. I also bought a spanish mobile phone. It was quite cheap, but I am not that sure, if I got every information, that young lady gave to me. But I will ask my "spanish consultants" afterwards, what's going on.

Tonight I will meet Klaudia again with another Erasmus student from Poland, that just arrived this evening. Maybe afterwards, I will meet another guy, that wanted to show me around a bit. But maybe it will get to late, as tomorrow will be my first day in the university.

I think, that should be it for me moment. I just can say, that I am feeling really good here. The spanish guys around are really nice and outgoing. This helps me a lot to feel comfortable here.

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