English doesn't exist.

At least I have the impression, that English seems to be from another planet for most of the spanish inhabitants. There are just a few guys in the streets, that are able to speak a little English. The ones, that are able, speak a very spanish English. For example, the prof of a certain subject in University: although he has been in UK for 15 years, he is not able to pronounce the words correctly. In fact, he is able to speak fluently, but every single word sounds spanish. This is really funny.

But on the other side, it's not really surprising, as they translate almost everything into spanish. Whereas in Germany we keep phrases like New York, Big Apple, Mickey Mouse, Hot Dog or Big Brother, here everything is translated as follows: Nueva York, Gran Manzana, Ratón Mickey, Perrito Caliente or Gran Hermano. This is really weird. But fun though.

But I like the language and the way they are communicating. Above all I like the belittlement of "-ito/-ita", which is used quite often. So a small car isn't called "coche" but "cochecito", a little house is not a "casa" but a "casita" and so on. This is also used for little books, pieces of queese, animales, .. everything. It's lovely.

I hope, I will get used to all this lovely expressions in the upcoming months. I am really looking forward to it. And I will keep my ears open for some more weird, but lovely expressions of my beloved spanish friends. :-)


Anonymous said...

Das habe ich Dir ja bereits im Vorfeld angekündigt :D

flixx85 said...

Wenn ich jetzt noch wüsste, wer mir das im Vorfeld angekündigt hat? :P