First "guided" city tour.

Unfortunately, this weekend is already over and in just a few hours I will be sitting in my intensive spanish course again. This weekend turned out to be a very cool one in that sense of matter, that it confirmed my choice to come to Madrid. The city is just beautiful and the guys - both from Erasmus as well as from Madrid itself - are really cool.

So I spent two nights out with the students in one of the various bars in Madrid. Although the weather turned a little worse, it's still ways better than it might be in Germany right now. :-P Today, I had my first "organized" walk through the city. I felt like a tourist, but... honestly speaking, I am a tourist at that moment of time. So, who cares. I saw lots of new and already known places, took some photos and drank a very refreshing crushed-ice-lemon-something, which name I already forgot. Stupid me, but surely it wasn't the last time, I bought this. Furthermore, I would like to mention, that it's totally crucial to get one of this delicious McFlurry with OREO, if you come to Spain once. I've never had something more amazing to eat than that - okay. This might be a little bit exaggerated, but you got the message, right?

Furthermore some of the Tapas-food also turned out to be very delicious. In detail I am thinking of Croquetas, fried potatoes with eggs and some vegetables, calamares, ... I have to stop now, otherwise I am getting really hungry right now.

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