First impressions.

The world is small - often heard and more often approved. Even before I arrived in Madrid, I got to know a young lady, who was going to visit a friend in Madrid. In the course of our conversation, it came out, that she will be visiting a girl from my hometown, that is currently attending an internship in Madrid. So we met each other on the airport and it was quite fun, as we knew each other.

Elena, my personal assistant, did a great job. She picked me up at the airport with a german flag (even if it was hidden in her bag, it was nice though) and then we drove to the hostel. I'll never say again, women can't park - she did a great job with putting her car into one of the smallest parking lots i've ever seen. It seems, as if it not a good idea to bring your car to Madrid, because there won't be any parking lots. hehe

As already promised to some of you, I had my first Coke besides my first real Tapas after I checked in to the hostel. And it was so delicious. Nam nam. Afterwards we went out to meet some (or even all?) friends of Ele in a real cool bar. The were very open minded and so lovely, so I really felt comfortable with all these Teresas, Patis, Pablos, Jorges, Joses etc. ...

At 3 o'clock I had to leave the group, although they were continuing having party. But I was to tired and I wanted to go back to my nerds in the hostel room. But it came out, that the nerds weren't that nerdy as thought at first.

Now, I had my first breakfast and I will see, what I can do in concerns of finding a room for the upcoming months.

I'll keep you updated.

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