Good to be here. | PART II

I forgot one important thing. I do not want to say, it was the best thing today, but definitely one that has to be mentioned as well!

When I stepped out of the Metro after my short city tour, there was kind of a demonstration in the Calle de Atocha. I didn't really get it, why they were demonstrating. But I guess the wanted to open the society's eyes for disabled people, because there were many people in wheelchairs and stuff.

Besides the group of disabled people, there was a group of musicians with percussions and the made great beats just with their percussions anc clocks. The ones, that know me, also know that I totally go for that kind of music. And to see, how everybody was dancing in the streets, this was so cool. And a very sympathic way to demonstrate. Without speakers or being so serious as I knew it from Germany.

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