Good to be here.

This was the first Saturday, I was able to do what I want without any responsibilities. I got up very late and had a slow start into the day. After a short conversation with my roomie while I was having "breakfast", I jumped into the Metro and I tried to experience the City a little bit. So I drove to the city centre and walked through all the little streets with all these little shops and big buildings.

Finally, I decided to go to the Royal Palace. This is really an amazing building. Unfortunately I did not take my camera with me. So I am just able to post a picture taken from the WWW. When I arrived in front of the Palace, I really enjoyed the atmosphere around. I sat down on the stairs and was just watching the people. It felt so good to see all the tourists and even the spanish inhabitants over there, while listening to the music of the musicians on the street. It was such an amazing atmosphere! I could have sat there for hours.

The spanish guys seem to be vey self-confident, happy, easy going and chilled guys, that really take care of each other, although it sometimes might seem that they are "rude". But this is just part of their culture, as it seems to me. I could really fall in love with this whole attitude I think. It's not that strict and conservative over here, as it is in Germany and from time to time, this would also be good in Germany I think.

So. These were enough lovely words for now, hehe.

Palacio Real in Madrid

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