So many german Erasmus.

Surprise, surprise. The Wifi is working again and everybody is so happy about it and sitting next to me chatting, skyping and looking for flats. Just like me. It's really a very tough task to find a room here. Although there are plenty of rooms available, it is very hard. You can hardly find a room that meets your expectations and believe me: my expectations were very low now. But I'll keep on searching.

Today I had my first day at the university and I met all the other Erasmus students. From time to time I felt as if I were in Germany. There were so many germans around, it's unbelievable. But, of course, there are many other nations as well. From France to Italy, from Poland to Estovia and I don't know where they were from. It was just a short introduction of the Erasmus Team and what will happen in the future. For example, there will be a journey to Granada in October or onther one to Barcelona in December. Furthermore we had to do a little conversation with the teachers so that they were able to find out, how good (or bad) we are in concerns of speaking german. I think it was okay and I will be somewhere in the upper middle level. But I have to look after my name tomorrow on the list. And then this will be my first spanish lesson on site. But I had to talk a lot in spanish already, as there are just a very few guys able to speak english. But I think, I've said this before.

My English feels like shit right now, so I better stop at this point and go to bed soon.

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