Taking last steps.

Today is the day of my departure for Madrid. There are just a few little things left, which have to be done: getting all the stuff packed and trying to close the suitcases (will be a hard task), saying GOODBYE to the family and the last thing might be saying or rather thinking "Tschüss Deutschland, hola Espana.".

It's kind of a weird feeling, because the last 2-3 weeks were full of farewells. This already started in Munich, where I was lucky to get to know so many nice people during the last six months. They really became very important for me and it was really a tough task knowing, that we won't see each other for a while. So I really hope, your promises will get real and we will see each other in Madrid as soons as this is possible.

After the arrival at my parents, the whole process started from the beginning again, as there are great guys in my hometown area as well. So I tried to see as many friends as possible, but of course, it's not possible to see all them. So... For all the guys, we couldn't fix a date, maybe we are more lucky finding a date for Madrid? You never know. Keep watching out for cheap flights and let me know, if we find a way to see each other over there. Feel welcomed. :-)

Just one last thing: as there might be some guys reading this blog, who are not aware of the german language, I decided to start writing in English for the next upcoming months. I hope this fits you well and everything becomes clear though. But I am optimistic.

Having said this, it's now time for me to take the last steps here and get active. I will get back to you, as soon as there is something to say. And I am sure, there will be something worth it already after the first hours in Madrid. But I have to find the time for blogging as well. :-)

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nadine said...

mein lieber ich wuensch dir das semester deines lebens!!

und besser mal ne wohnung mit couch oder grossem bett auftun bitte, ich waer ja dann schliesslich auch bald mal zu besuch :)

knutsch dich festenst aus moskau!!
die nadine