This is my room.

After some days of silence, now I am able to update you guys once again. In the meantime I checked out at the hostel and moved into my shared flat for the next months.

The last days in the hostel really turned out as very uncomfortable. If you share a room with three other guys, it is not possible to sleep very well. At the end, there was a young french guy, that went out all night long. On the other hand, there was an Australien guy, who was in a desperate need of sleep after hours and hours of travelling. But due to the various time zones, he could not fell asleep and was moving all the time. The third one, let me call him the "drunken Japanese" fell asleep only 2 seconds after his last words at about 20:00h. There, he didn't feel like sleeping at 4:30h, switched on the lights (!!) and was searching for something. Arrrrgh! But okay...

In the evening, I took a taxi to the new flat and carried all my heavy luggage into the 4th floor. I just felt like I am going to die. But as I found out today, there is no need to do any sports for me, because I live in the 4th floor without a elevator and the next big supermarket on the one hand is just about 500m away, but down the hill. Uff. ;-) My roomie seems to be a very cool guy from Columbia. The flat is located near the City Center and the area is.. I wouldn't say, it's quite nice, but it's okay and compared to the other ones I've seen, it's the best! On that picture you can see, how it looks like.

The entrance of my house is just next to the guys with the orange shirt. And here you can see my little room. I think, here must be about 33°C. So it's really hot in here and I am wondering, how I should fall asleep at night. But before, I will go out and meet the other erasmus students, as I didn't go out yesterday with them. I was too tired to get my ass over there to have this party.

Well then. I think, this should be it for the moment. I hope you are fine as well. Keep in touch.

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