Travel schedule.

Today was a lazy day. Actually I stayed all day in bed - except for that little shopping something in order to fill the refridgerator. But I had to recover my energy, as I will go to Segovia tomorrow. I am really curious about it, because so many guys already told me, that it's supposed a beautiful city. So I'll go there tomorrow with two other german girls. But before, I'll go out tonight with the ERASMUS Students. Having a Coke and some Tapas and that's it. But I am sure, it will be a fun evening though.

And to complete me travel schedule, I am happy to say, that I booked a flight to Barcelona in October. So I will go there for 4 days to visit a friend of mine, who is studying there as well for the upcoming months. As we could fix a date to meet each other in our hometown, now we could find a date in Spain. I am so looking forward to see her after such a long time again and of course I am curious to be in Barcelona again. Maybe even the weather is fine, so that I can spend some hours at the beach. This would be awesome.

Furthermore I already received some bookings for the next months. I am really excited about it, to see some german friends around here and to show them around, showing the places I recently got to know and all that stuff. This will be great. I am sure. So - who's next? :-)

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