Week II - almost over.

It's Thursday again and another week already almost passed. Time goes by so fast, it's unbelievable. Some more days are gone and I got to know some new people, places and the change of the spanish weather. Whereas it was so damn hot last week, now there are not more than 17°C and rain from time to time. But according to the forecasts, the weather will improve at the weekend, so I can be optimistic. :-)

On Tuesday I met my tutor again and I went out with her and a friend of hers to have Tapas. The two girls spend their Erasmus time in Poland and told me what can be expected from the upcoming months. I got a nice impression - again. So I am very optimistic, that this is going to be the time of my life. As another Erasmus friend of theirs arrived, it was quite hard to follow the conversation, but at least I got the sense of it.

Concerning the university there are not many news available. I already had two little tests, where we had to show our level of spanish. We will see, how good or bad I am. Although on Monday my regular courses will start, I still don't know, which courses I will have to attend. This is really crazy and really non-german. But good to know, that I am in Spain.

Tonight I will meet Wiebke (a german student from Wiesbaden) and then we will join the Erasmus party, that every Thursday takes place. It's the first time for us, so we will see, what will happen there. But I am sure, it will be fun though.

On the following pictures you can see my road at night and my way up to the 4th floor, where I live.

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