Week III - Flashback.

It's crazy, how fast time passes by. Week III is almost gone. Accordingly, this means I am here for more than three weeks now. I hardly can believe it. I do not want to list everything I did. Just mention some highlights of the week:
  • Monday: very delicious vegetarian dinner consisting of soup, main course, dessert
  • Tuesday: Tapas-highlight: Croquetas, Salmorejo con Jamon, Pastel de Pollo
  • Wednesday: met another girl from my hometown (!) to went out in La Latina
  • Thursday: first little shopping tour, enjoyed my first Napolitana de Crema, chilled "siesta-evening", went out with friends
  • Friday: birthday party of Ele, my personal assistant
  • Saturday: another delicious experience: Leche Merengada, Horchata con Fartons
  • Sunday: journey to Toledo
As you might have seen, it's all about eating and food. This is really great here in Spain. Food is not just eating in order to get rid of hunger. Better said it's a whole culture of its own. It takes its time and it is worth it. Furthermore, it creates a totally close atmosphere and establishes a feeling of community, as everybody is eating from every plate on the table. In most cases, food seems not to be very sane, but it's delicious. At least what I have eaten so far. :-) And this is just a little piece of the spanish kitchen, as it seems to me. I am curious to find out more about it.

Another highlight of the week was definitely the birthday party of Ele. It was the first time after my arrival in Madrid, that we saw each other again - including all of her friends. We started the whole evening with a "Botellón". This means meeting your friends outside, celebrating and of course having some drinks. This is a bit difficult, because actually it is not allowed in Spain. So you have to be careful with drinking in the streets and above all with celebrating birthday with a bunch of more or less drunken spanish guys. :-) But we were lucky and nobody disturbed our little party. As it was very cold at the end, we decided to go to a club to keep on celebrating her birthday. As my jacket didn't fit to the dresscode, I changed the jacket with a sweater of Pablo (friend of Ele) and it wasn't a problem to enter. Weird world, but this is how we know it.
I was also happily suprised, to get to know three guys during the evening, that were able to speak German. So there was no need for me to feel completely lost within the crowd of crazy spanish speaking people. But it was quite good and I got to know some more words. It's all about learning the real spanish language. :-) The party then lasted until the early morning hours and I was at home at about 6:45h. As this was my first night in Madrid, I was really wondering how crowded the Metro is at that point of time. All the creatures of the night are on their way back home, heading over to have their first café of the day or the other ones, that are just on their way to go to work.

The party crowd of THAT night.

Furthermore I want to dedicate some more words to the trip to Toledo which took place just as of today. Toledo is about 45 Minutes by car from Madrid. I was lucky to join some friends to go there, so I didn't have to take the train. We met each other this morning at 10:00h, so we could start our Toledo-tour at about 10:50h. Just like all the other tourists, we walked up- and down-hill through the narrow streets of Toledo, watching all the old buildings and taking loads of pictures. Toledo seems to be an old city, that is just waiting on its little hill for all the tourists. There seems to be nothing else, but old building, souvenir-shops, restaurantes and all the other stuff, that attracts tourists. But nevertheless, it is surely worth a trip. You'll see the pictures and know what I am talking about.

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