Weekend Flashback | 1st day at University.

This weekend was kind of cool. It already started on Thursday evening, as I decided not to go University on Friday. hehe. So I went out with some german ERASMUS students to a party, especially for ERASMUS. But unfortunately the prices weren't student-friendly, the music was aweful and the people just sitting there. So, this was not our place to be and we changed the location. At least, we wanted to. But as I saw the queue in front of the club, I didn't feel like waiting for hours and I went home.

On Friday I did another Tour through Madrid, watching some more tourist attractions and Stuff and had a real good time. In the afternoon hours, I met a friend from Madrid and we found out, that I already know "every single" touristic place. So we just walked around and enjoyed some drinks here and there. In the evening hours, I was out for a little bar-hopping session. Checked out various places in Chueca, but honestly I just liked one more or less. hehe.

Saturday was a pretty chilled day, which I spent almost the whole day in bed. I really enjoyed just doing nothing. Also I had to get prepared for the "Noche en blanco". But if I knew, that it would not be anything special, I would probably not have been sooo lazy all day long. This night was pretty and funny with the people I was out, but it did not meet my expectations. There were just sooo many people walking through the city center watching the beautiful buildings. Main feature of that night actually were museums for free, different stages within the city, various artists presenting their arts (painting, dancing, ...). But as there were so many people, the queues in front of every "highlight" were too long to be worth waiting for. So I just took a loads of pictures, but in the end it was a fun night as well.

On Sunday I kept on doing some cultural experiences - thanks to a good guide. I saw some exhibitions about photography and modern art at one place and great architectural models at another one. At night I walked around the city again, searching some places to have Tapas. But here it's very common, that the bars are closed on Sunday. Just the tourist places in the city core were open. But we didn't feel like paying loads of money for semi-well-prepared food. At the end, we ended up in my neighborhood. It wasn't very cheap as well, but okay. But you have to face, that Madrid is an expensive place to be. Food - even in supermarkets - is quite expensive and also all drugstore's articles are hardly affordable, as you won't find some shops like dm or Rossmann here.

Today I had the my first day at university - at least I were there. hehe. I was waiting the whole morning in front of the "International Relations"-office just to get an answer, I knew already before. So I went on checking out my schedule, but I wasn't successful. Neither I could find the course nor the right class room. So I decided quickly to change it and to join some other ERASMUS students, but we weren't more successful. The teacher didn't come, so after 1 hour of not knowing what to do, waiting, hoping and laughing, we finally went home. I think, this was the best decision of the day.

Puerta de Sol [Madrid]

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