Another week passed.

Again a week passed by very quickly. Although there wasn't anything special - at least I can not remember right now - it was another great week. The weekend I spent with some friends and I enjoyed the full range from really relaxing hours in the Retiro to party at night and lots of great food.

In addition I finally fixed my schedule for university. At least I hope I did. I have to see, if the university in Germany is fine with it, but I guess they are. I hope, I don't feel like re-structuring everything over and over again. The good thing right now is, that I don't have any lessons on Friday. YAY. The bad thing is, that I just have one spanish spoken course. I would have like two, but... well. It didn't fit into the schedule, as every course seems to be at the same time...

Furthermore I can show you guys some more pictures, as Carlos showed me the big park area of Madrid "Casa de Campo" yesterday. It was quite exhausting to walk on the dusty and unsecured paths, but as we were on top, the view was just amazing. You could see the city of Madrid with all its big and beautiful buildings...The Royal Palace, all the churches and other big buildings, that already fascinated me while standing in front of them. At night, I walked again through the streets and enjoyed the atmosphere on the Plaza Mayor and other cool streets.

Today Carlos told me to come to the four towers. Apparently it's the week of architecture in Madrid and today you could have entered one of the towers. But unfortunately I was too late and not the only one waiting in front. So I just could take some pictures from the ground and unfortunately I wasn't able to get it and up. But well... Definitely I was worth a journey.

Moreover on Sunday the first visit of friend takes place and then October will be over very fast, as every weekend is already planned... A journey to Barcelona, another trip to Granada and another friend coming aroung. So November will be there very fast and already another friend booked his flight. I am really happy to welcome them all here in my new temporarily hood. :-)

Las cuatro torres de Madrid.

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