Flashback of the last days.

What happen in the meantime? Without remember every detail, I am prety sure, that several funny hours passed. While I was out with Wiebke, we made the plan to find new friends, as all the ERASMUS guys were travelling, unwilling to go out or already had other plans, we could not adapt to. So we went to Tupperware, which is a pretty funny place in Malasaña. While we were standing there next to the bar and were enjoying our drinks and ourselves, we recognized a young spanish guy, who was standing right next to us - lonely. So this was supposed to be our victim and Wiebke started to talk to him. Iñigo turned out to be a crazy little Hispano. Originally from San Sebastian, he was also very new to Madrid. So we connected quite well and had a very funny night. Not special, but great. But as we all know: it's the small things, that make live worth living, right? ;)

Wiebke and Iñigo

Saturday really was a quiet and lazy day. Just chilling in bed, heading over to the city, doing some shopping in order to fill the refrigerador... Even the evening was nothing more that staying in bed - with the TV Series "How I met your mother!". I watched the first series from the first episode and fell totally in love. It's an awesome comedy thing and I really recommend watching it to everybody, who hasn't seen it before. It's brilliant.

Sunday I went to Rastro, a big and very popular flea market in the streets of La Latina. It's famous for being a pulling magnet for all kinds of people to spend a quiet sunday morning. We roamed around watching all that mostly ugly stuff that was put on the selling desk in the streets. When we saw everything, we had breakfast and went to the city. At that point of time, Madrid was awakening or better said: La Latina was getting crowded. I've never seen so many people on one place in Madrid before. Weird. I had to go then to pick up a friend at the airport, that was coming to visit me. But surely, we will go back and join Rastro another day a little bit later with all the spanish people. :-)

On Sunday evening I went out with a broad "mixture" of people. Some ERASMUS girls, the friend who was visiting me/ Madrid, a friend i got to know through Anna from Munich and later on, our new friend, Iñigo. So we started another tour in Malasaña and finally ended up in Chueca. It was quite fun, but we decided to go home at 3.30h, as the next day was a very or rather said the most important bank holiday for Spain: Día de la Hispanidad.

So there was a big military parade on one of the biggest streets of Madrid, a speech of the king, jets on the sky and all that stuff... but as there were sooo many very proud Hispanos, we decided to quit that parade and start our traveller's tour around Madrid. It was funny to show him around as I was shown around the last weeks. We really saw everything... Prado, Plaza Mayor, Sol, Gran Vía, Retiro, Atocha, Palacio Real, Jardínes de Sabatini, .... And today everything again at night. Pictures will follow asap.

Palacio Real at night

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