Four great days in BCN.

As already mentioned before, I was lucky to spend the last four days in Barcelona visiting a close a friend of mine and spending a good time. The funny thing was, that I was also able to meet an ERASMUS friend and another friend from Germany, because they were also travellng to BCN for that weekend. ;-)

As this was not my first time in BCN, I already knew some places, but I didn't mind to visit all the sights a second time though. So I hit the streets to see La Sagrada Familia, el Park Güell, la Playa en BCNeta, el Montjuic , las casas de Gaudi and many places more... As you can imagine, I took hundreds of photos (to be more precise: over 900...), so you can almost discover my ways through the city on your own with the help of watching my selection of the "best-ofs".

The bad thing was, that it was raining on my arrival day (Thursday), so the temparature lowered heavily. So unfortunately I couldn't sunbath at the beach... But for visiting a city, the weather was perfect: neither too hot, nor too cold.

I do not want to bother you guys with many details, therefore just some impressions, shortly introduced:

  • If you consider to fly with RyanAir please notice, that you will be arriving on Girona Airport, which is one hour by autobus from BCN. Both ways cost you 21€ additionally to you flight tickets.
  • Furthermore RyanAir turned out to be a "Kaffeefahrt" as we call it in Germany. The staff on board is more salesman than flight attended. They sell cigarettes, phone cards, lottery cards and stuff like that.
  • Once seated in the airplane, I thought we were driving to BCN and not flying. It took quite a long time until we arrived at the right runway to take off. hehe
  • The people in BCN seem to be totally different to what I see in Madrid. I cannot really explain and express why, but I had the feeling. Madrid seems to be more punk, alternative, elegant, ... more different styles of people. But you find these kind of people in BCN as well, of course. Maybe it's just that in BCN there are ways more tourists and the inhabitants from BCN are not that obvious? I don't know. Go there and get your own impression.
  • Spanish food turned out to be great again. (I had my first Churros - but... I like "Pepito con chocolate" more)
  • It was great to be on the beach again. Even with all the surfer, it was awesome. It's a totally different atmosphere, when there is the sea at the city side. You can walk along the port, the beach, the promenade and breathe that special air. The blue sea and people of all ages being fascinated by the width, the waves, the weather and the atmosphere of the sea. I really enjoyed being there - as you can see on the loads of pictures I've have taken there.
  • Cataluña is not Spain. And catalan is not spanish.
This is it for the moment. Maybe I forgot half of the adventures. But look at the pictures, they show more than my words could ever say.

Bina and me in front of the city.

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