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Today seemed to be a typical day in a spanish student's life and I am happy to be able to be adapted that well. First of all I made a logical mistake with setting the alarm clock. So when I already put on my shoes and grabbed all the stuff to leave for university, I recognized that I was one hour too late. So I decided not to join that course and just go to University for the spanish course. When I was in the classroom with all the other ERASMUS students, a lady came and told us, that the teacher feels sick and is at the doctor. So there was no class and I went there for nothing, again... :)

Yesterday I went to a marketing course in spanish. The teacher is quite crappy, but funny. I've never seen a person moving that slowly. And her voice is really horrible. The task for the students in this course will be to copy the slides on the wall. So... come on. Is this the way of spanish studies? I hope not. But I am afraid, it is. I'll see, how the other courses will work out.

Today I just got a small package from Sebastian from Munich. How lovely. A heart made out of Lebkuchen and a little mouse in memory of Sebastian's "Roomie". :-) And again, a CD with his favourites of 2009. Great. I was so happy and I still am. Of course, I already found a place on the wall where I put Rizzo Junior and the heart.

Rizzo Junior riding the heart of Lebkuchen.

Moreover I really have to figure out the free weekends and plan some more trips with the other ones, so that everybody is free for travelling. After Toledo, Segovia, Barcelona and Granada, I think there are about various cities left, that should be visited. San Sebastian, Sevilla, Valencia, Salamanca or even head over to Marrokko... Just to mention some possible destination. But besides time, it's all a question of money for sure. We'll see.

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