Trip to Segovia with a little extra.

As already mentioned, yesterday I was in Segovia with Ana and Wiebke. At first, it was a little bit confusing to get the right train, but as we sit on our seats, a great day was about to start.

The whole system to enter the trains seems to be totally different to the german one. Here it's more similiar to the procedure when you take the airplane. You have your tickets with you and the ladies on the counter just next to the train scann it. Afterwards, your bags get scanned automatically, before you are allowed to get into the train. Strange. But...safe. At least more or less. :-)

Arrived in Segovia, we found a beautiful old city underneath a cloudy sky. First of all, we walked down to the Acueducto, which is a very impressing building of more or less about 2.000 years age. Incredible, how they build this big something in order to provide water from the mountains to the inhabitants of Segovia in earlier times. Just following the Acueducto, you find amazing little houses, nice places and for sure a lot of (german) tourists. Passing the Iglesia San Martín and other cool buildings, we finally arrived at Alcazár. At first we were a little bit surprised about all the security and police men, but as we heard, that Prince Felipe is within this beautiful fairy-tale castle, we weren't wondering anymore. We decided to wait, as we were told, that everything will go its usual course at about 16:00 h. So we waited and finally he came: Prince Felipe. I felt like a little Paparazzi, taking loads of pictures of this member of the royal family. At that time, I didn't really appreciate the whole setting, but afterwards, it was quite great to have seen him. Cool thing.

So, after he was gone in his (old) limousine, we kept to walking in order to finish our route and to find a place to eat something. I already got adjudged several times, but... I do not want to lie. hehe. We ate in an american restaurant, although Segovia is known for gorgeous spanish food. But nevertheless we had fun in that old theatre and the plates were really big, great and cheap. Awesome. Maybe I will return one day to Segovia (the whole trip just costed 15 €) and have a typical spanish something. :-)
Wiebke, me and Ana in front of the Segovian skyline

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