Weekend Flashback | Granada.

I was lucky to spend the last three days in Granada with some of the Erasmus students. We had three days of nice sunny weather, were watching various sights like the Alhambra, the Cathedral etc., eating lots of great food, going out and having some party, a flamenco show and for sure: everybody was in a good mood.

To give you a short conclusion:

  • Sights: the well known Alhambra turned out to be not that gorgeous as expected before. Of course it's an impressing building from earlier ages, but nothing to loose breath. Therefore the view over the beautiful city of Granada was just amazing and the area around Alhambra is definitely worth going there.
  • Granada is a very beautiful city, which is smaller and therefore more quiet and not that in a hurry as Madrid. There are lots of wonderful buildings, narrow streets that lead you up the hill through the arabian area, which is a really nice area.
  • Different activities like party or sightseeing were included withing the Erasmus Programme. So we went to a club on Friday where we were surprised by a Flamenco show. Unfortunately this show was aweful. A fat lady screaming all the time and another minor fat one who danced and sang as well. Please watch the following video and you will know, what I am talking about.
  • But on Saturday, a professional Flamenco show was planned and I really liked it. It's nothing I could watch and enjoy every day, but it was really great to see it once. The dancer was really pretty, the singing Lady seemed to be a man, so you see it was very "adventurous". Please also find three little clips following.
  • In the city center there is one place, where it is allow to do a Botellon (=drinking alcohol in the streets, which is usually forbidden in Spain). On Saturday we went there and it was just unbelievable. The plaza was crowded like hell with young spanish people, dressed up elegantly and drinking loads of alcohol. Accordingly the place looked like a great garbage dump afterwards.

So if you ever go to Granada, I would recommend the Pensión San Joaquin, which is a pretty nice Hostel near the city center. It's an old building, but rebuild and it spreads a lot of charme. Furthermore you should visit the Mirador, from where you have an amazing view to the Alhambra and the whole city. If you are hungry and feel like having a small selection of tapas to very cheap drinks, you should go to "La Bella y la Bestia" - a very small but very lovely place to be. Afterwards it's a great idea to go to the Ice Dealer at Plaza Nueva. Here you can see wonderful ice decoration and I've never eaten an icecream as delicious as this one. Yumyumy. What more? In Gran Vía de Colon is a very delicious Pastelleria, where you can get every kind of cakes and stuff, to increase your amount of calories. It's worth going and of course eating somehting there. So I will end up here, but not before saying: enjoy the pictures, I have taken this time in Granada.

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