Flashback | week 47.

On Wednesday I had a great german-spanish dinner with my friend Klaudia. We cooked a typical spanish Tortilla with german meatballs. It did not just look great, you should have tasted. It was great.

Spanish Tortilla and german meatballs.

On Thursday Sebastian arrived to visit me for the weekend. So, as you surely can imagine, the weekend was another nice mixture between tourist program, party, eating and remembering my great months in Munich. One more time we were passing by Sol, Real Palace, Gardens of Sabatini and all that stuff. You'll be able to follow our route while looking on the pictures, we've taken.

On Friday we were out in a Club. It was not totally my kind of preference, but we had fun though. At least we were not at home before 6.15 a.m. on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I had a bad meeting with a dumbass in the streets at that early morning hours... when I was at home, I just recognized that my wallet was gone. So that guy stole my wallet, but luckily I didn't take my usual one with me. So I am "just" missing some money and my driver's licence. As you can guess, the Saturday was quite lazy and we just went for some shopping. We we were hungry at about 6.30 p.m. we decided to look after a place where we could find something to eat. But it was shown one more time, that we were in Spain and that the rhythm is totally different. So we kept on walking around but we weren't able to find a place, because everything was closed. Finally we ended up in a Pizzeria, which was not the best choice (Sorry Sebastian! ;)).

The weather on Sunday was great again - as long as the sun was shining. It was comfortably warm, so we spent the whole day outside. Starting at the famous fleemarket "El Rastro", we headed over to the Retiro to have another walk and enjoy the sun on the grass. In the evening hour we had some drinks in Chueca. So the Sunday was quite fun as well it was - again - very hard to start into the week, as Monday is my hardest day in university.

But it's already over and I will plan my Trip to Salamanca this evening. :-)

Me and Sebastian in the bar Tupperware | Malasaña.


Flashback of the last days.

Another week passed by very fast. Honestly I can't remember, what I exactly did. On Wednesday for sure, I was at the cinema. All my friends know, that I am not that much into movies and stuff, so it's worth mentioning that. But I should not only mention that I went to the movies, but also which movie I watched. Curious after watching the trailer, Iñigo and I went to the obviously last movie with Heath Ledger: The Imaginarium of Doctor Panassus.

The movie is full of crazy phantasy presenting a story about truth, lies, love, friendship, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, the movie is packed with well-know actors like Johnny Depp, Collin Farrel and Jude Law. I really recommend going to the movies and watch that movie, it's worth it.

On Friday I gave a guided tour to a belgian guy, that is visiting Madrid for the weekend. Again, it was quite fun. In the evening, we had the first Botellòn of the Erasmus students here in Madrid and it was just awesome. The weather was quite okay so we spent the whole evening outside near Plaza de España with loads of students. It was great, how many people were there just having drinks and spending a great time together. Moreover I finally met my tutor after a long time we haven't seen each other. So it was quite fun.

On Saturday evening I wanted to go out for Dinner with Daan, the belgian guy. But it turned out as really difficult. We started our tour at about 22 p.m., which seemed to be the typical dinner-time for the spanish. So we had to walk around for hours and see crowded restaurants, where it wasn't possible to get an empty table. So finally we ended up in an asian restaurant, having our dinner at MIdNIGHT after a waiting period of 20 Minutes, after having signed up on the guest list. I was starving, but in the end we succeeded.

Today I have been to the Rastro, one more time. It was just unbelievable, how many people go there on a Sunday morning just to watch a bunch of "crap". But - I was there as well - and I enjoyed the atmosphere. It's quite worth it going there.

Apart from that, they aleady began installing the christmas decoration in the streets. On the Puerta del Sol they build up a gigantic christmas tree and I am really curious about when the are going to light it up for the first time. Acutally I am not prepared for christmas at all because you still can sit outside on the afternoon to join your coffee or whatever you prefer, but okay...

Christmas tree of 2008 at Puerta del Sol. (different style to the current one)

Oh, saying coffee, one more thing came to my mind. This afternoon I have been to the Chocolateria San Gines, which is a really famous one here in Madrid. In almost every tour guide it is mentioned. So we went there and enjoyed our first typical churros con chocolate, but honestly said... I've tried better things up to now. But it was worth a try.


El Escorial.

Yesterday I spend a great day with some friends in El Escorial. This is a small village at about 50km from Madrid with a great "Monasterio".

The monument is quite impressing. It's a beautiful building from the 16th century. Besides the garden around, from where you have an amazing view of Madrid, the inside of the monastery is great. The tour guides you through various rooms of the ancient guys who lived there, through some weird rooms in the basement with loads of deceased. The most impressing thing is the room with all the corps of the ancient kings and queens of Spain starting from king Philipp II. who died in 1598. The only thing I was wondering: right now there are three empty caskets left, but they are already waiting for their corps, which right now are fouling in a room next to this. So, what will happen to the apparent king of Spain?

Furthermore the Basilica was very beautiful. Most of it was quite minimal, but the altar was very colourful with amazing painting and from time to time you could also see painting on the ceiling. The most beautiful room was the library. It was just amazing to see these old books in the shelves and wonderful paintings on the ceiling again. Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures, so I cannot provide any of the inside of this monastery. But here you can go for the outside. As you will see, although the sun was shining, it was really windy and damn f*cking cold. We almost forgot the feeling of being cold. But yesterday, we rediscovered it.

Ele, Wiebke, Erik, Teresa and me | El Escorial.

Things you should (not) know about Madrid.

After I spent quite some time here in Madrid, I am able to present some insights, I no longer want to hide from you. I don't mind, if you want to know it or not, but it's the truth... So...there we go:
  • Nearly every hour of the day and night, you can find cleaning staff on the streets. Nevertheless the streets are never very clean though.
  • In every street in the city center there are chinese people selling beer, sandwiches and other stuff during the whole night. Athough it's forbidden, the put their things on a very "professional" sales counter which is made out of cardboard boxes. I advice you, to never buy sandwiches from them, because they might have been thrown into the garbage can before (e.g. when the police occured).
  • Even in Madrid it can be really cold. Unfortunately you cannot find the sea around the city. :-)
  • If you ask someone in the streets how to get somewhere, suddenly you can have a conversation about everything and nothing. It's quite fun!
  • The walls in the flats are quite thin and you can hear various things from your roomates.
  • As there are so many clubs, restaurants and bars around, it's hard to find an adequate one. It's very common to spend hours walking through the streets without finding anything that you could like. But, of course, from time to time you are successful and...
  • ...you are also able to make Party until the break of the day. The bars close their doors at 3 am but the clubs keep playing their music until 6 am.
  • From time to time, there's a bad smell in the air. Unfortunately almost in every corner of the city center. This is because the guys (not only men!!!) piss anywhere when they feel like pissing (e.g. trees, houses, doors, garbage cans, cars, etc.). So you really have to be careful, where you put your feet while walking.
  • The public transport is quite good. You can use the Metro from 6 am to 1.30 am every day. Through the nights you have various nightbuses, that bring you everywhere. If you are lucky and live near the city center, you can go by foot. You will (almost) never be alone in the streets. Does't matter when. Moreover, if you catch the first metro at about 6 am, you probably will not find a seat to sit down. It's crowded as hell because the creatures of the nights are on their way home and others are on their way to work or whatever.
  • Talking about work: right in the city center, rather said in the pedestrian precinct, there's the working place of the prostitutes. Every point of time you will find the Ladies standing around and waiting for men to come. They keep on searching very offensive, so it might occure that they try to catch you, touch you while saying "Hey Cutie, how are you? Wanna fuck?". This is really disgusting, as you never know, what or whom they touched before. Uff.
Well, I think this is it for the moment. But as I will spend some more time here, I am sure, this post will be continued.


Some great days - another Flashback.

It's been a while since I've updated my blog with the current news. It's not that I forgot about it, there was just little time the last days. But luckily I found some minutes to get you updated how I spent my last days. First of all: they were great, again. :-)

After my return from Granada I used the days in Madrid to spend some great moments with my friends around here. I was having a delicious and enourmous dinner and a walk through Madrid on Monday, another nice dinner on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday. It should be mentioned, that we (Iñigo, Wiebke and me) decided to go to a chinese place - I do not want to call it restaurant, because it wasn't. Rather said it was kind of a garage within a passage, where we had cheap and good food underneath the Plaza España.

On Thursday Sasa came to Madrid to visit me for the weekend. So I picked him up at the airport and we had a pretty chilled evening eating some Tapas and having a drink. On Friday we went on the tourist programme through the course of the day. In the evening we had another Coke in Chueca before leaving for OHM, a club for both straights and gays playing electronic music. It was great. The music, the people, the party... I really enjoyed it there, although I was kind of shocked about the enormous consumption of drugs. Coming from a little countryside village like I do, this was ways too much for me. I just kept on ignoring it and so I shaked my ass with the Coke in my hands. That's pretty enough for me. :-) As the club switched on the lights at about 6:15 a.m. we thought where to go now. But finally we decided to have a sandwich and head over straight to bed. So it was 7:30 a.m. when we closed our eyes.

As you can imagine, the night was very short and on Saturday we went shopping and preparing ourselves for Halloween. This nights is celebrated like crazy here in Madrid. Even in some restaurants (e.g. Vips) the staff was in disguise for Halloween and all the stores were decorated as well. So we "designed" our own Halloween costumes in a "creative orgy" and went out. Most of the time we spend walking and waiting in Madrid for different groups of people. But it was quite cool, because everybody was in the streets and you could really see some curious costumes. Girls as killing brides, boys as "sexy girls" in lingerie, vampires, widges, Frankensteins, etc. It was quite cool, to see all the creative people outside having fun.

Me and Sasa ready to go out for Halloween.

As the nights was again very short, we spend a very chilled sunny Sunday. We went to Retiro and enjoyed the sun while walking around and being lazy on a park bench. Afterwards we went to Casa del Campo, which is another big park in Madrid - actually the biggest. Walking up some meters, you have an awesome view on the skyline of Madrid, which is just amazing. As the cableway was driving (?) over or heads, we decided to take them back to the city and this was also great. I could just recommend to everybody, to do this in the evening sun. It was great to "fly" over the Casa del Campo and see everything from above while having the sun in the back. After another late-evening-Siesta we went out again to a party, but it wasn't that great. It was kind of lame, as the DJ didn't know to play the right music. Unfortunately. But that brought me to bed early, which wasn't the worst thing to do, as I had to go to University today. And believe me: after such a great weekend it wasn't an easy thing to do. But I succeeded somehow.

So now Sasa is on his way back home to Germany and I hope he spent a great time here in Madrid. I really enjoyed his company, even without the promised bavarian breakfast. :-P