El Escorial.

Yesterday I spend a great day with some friends in El Escorial. This is a small village at about 50km from Madrid with a great "Monasterio".

The monument is quite impressing. It's a beautiful building from the 16th century. Besides the garden around, from where you have an amazing view of Madrid, the inside of the monastery is great. The tour guides you through various rooms of the ancient guys who lived there, through some weird rooms in the basement with loads of deceased. The most impressing thing is the room with all the corps of the ancient kings and queens of Spain starting from king Philipp II. who died in 1598. The only thing I was wondering: right now there are three empty caskets left, but they are already waiting for their corps, which right now are fouling in a room next to this. So, what will happen to the apparent king of Spain?

Furthermore the Basilica was very beautiful. Most of it was quite minimal, but the altar was very colourful with amazing painting and from time to time you could also see painting on the ceiling. The most beautiful room was the library. It was just amazing to see these old books in the shelves and wonderful paintings on the ceiling again. Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures, so I cannot provide any of the inside of this monastery. But here you can go for the outside. As you will see, although the sun was shining, it was really windy and damn f*cking cold. We almost forgot the feeling of being cold. But yesterday, we rediscovered it.

Ele, Wiebke, Erik, Teresa and me | El Escorial.

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