Flashback of the last days.

Another week passed by very fast. Honestly I can't remember, what I exactly did. On Wednesday for sure, I was at the cinema. All my friends know, that I am not that much into movies and stuff, so it's worth mentioning that. But I should not only mention that I went to the movies, but also which movie I watched. Curious after watching the trailer, Iñigo and I went to the obviously last movie with Heath Ledger: The Imaginarium of Doctor Panassus.

The movie is full of crazy phantasy presenting a story about truth, lies, love, friendship, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, the movie is packed with well-know actors like Johnny Depp, Collin Farrel and Jude Law. I really recommend going to the movies and watch that movie, it's worth it.

On Friday I gave a guided tour to a belgian guy, that is visiting Madrid for the weekend. Again, it was quite fun. In the evening, we had the first Botellòn of the Erasmus students here in Madrid and it was just awesome. The weather was quite okay so we spent the whole evening outside near Plaza de España with loads of students. It was great, how many people were there just having drinks and spending a great time together. Moreover I finally met my tutor after a long time we haven't seen each other. So it was quite fun.

On Saturday evening I wanted to go out for Dinner with Daan, the belgian guy. But it turned out as really difficult. We started our tour at about 22 p.m., which seemed to be the typical dinner-time for the spanish. So we had to walk around for hours and see crowded restaurants, where it wasn't possible to get an empty table. So finally we ended up in an asian restaurant, having our dinner at MIdNIGHT after a waiting period of 20 Minutes, after having signed up on the guest list. I was starving, but in the end we succeeded.

Today I have been to the Rastro, one more time. It was just unbelievable, how many people go there on a Sunday morning just to watch a bunch of "crap". But - I was there as well - and I enjoyed the atmosphere. It's quite worth it going there.

Apart from that, they aleady began installing the christmas decoration in the streets. On the Puerta del Sol they build up a gigantic christmas tree and I am really curious about when the are going to light it up for the first time. Acutally I am not prepared for christmas at all because you still can sit outside on the afternoon to join your coffee or whatever you prefer, but okay...

Christmas tree of 2008 at Puerta del Sol. (different style to the current one)

Oh, saying coffee, one more thing came to my mind. This afternoon I have been to the Chocolateria San Gines, which is a really famous one here in Madrid. In almost every tour guide it is mentioned. So we went there and enjoyed our first typical churros con chocolate, but honestly said... I've tried better things up to now. But it was worth a try.

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