Flashback | week 47.

On Wednesday I had a great german-spanish dinner with my friend Klaudia. We cooked a typical spanish Tortilla with german meatballs. It did not just look great, you should have tasted. It was great.

Spanish Tortilla and german meatballs.

On Thursday Sebastian arrived to visit me for the weekend. So, as you surely can imagine, the weekend was another nice mixture between tourist program, party, eating and remembering my great months in Munich. One more time we were passing by Sol, Real Palace, Gardens of Sabatini and all that stuff. You'll be able to follow our route while looking on the pictures, we've taken.

On Friday we were out in a Club. It was not totally my kind of preference, but we had fun though. At least we were not at home before 6.15 a.m. on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I had a bad meeting with a dumbass in the streets at that early morning hours... when I was at home, I just recognized that my wallet was gone. So that guy stole my wallet, but luckily I didn't take my usual one with me. So I am "just" missing some money and my driver's licence. As you can guess, the Saturday was quite lazy and we just went for some shopping. We we were hungry at about 6.30 p.m. we decided to look after a place where we could find something to eat. But it was shown one more time, that we were in Spain and that the rhythm is totally different. So we kept on walking around but we weren't able to find a place, because everything was closed. Finally we ended up in a Pizzeria, which was not the best choice (Sorry Sebastian! ;)).

The weather on Sunday was great again - as long as the sun was shining. It was comfortably warm, so we spent the whole day outside. Starting at the famous fleemarket "El Rastro", we headed over to the Retiro to have another walk and enjoy the sun on the grass. In the evening hour we had some drinks in Chueca. So the Sunday was quite fun as well it was - again - very hard to start into the week, as Monday is my hardest day in university.

But it's already over and I will plan my Trip to Salamanca this evening. :-)

Me and Sebastian in the bar Tupperware | Malasaña.

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