Some great days - another Flashback.

It's been a while since I've updated my blog with the current news. It's not that I forgot about it, there was just little time the last days. But luckily I found some minutes to get you updated how I spent my last days. First of all: they were great, again. :-)

After my return from Granada I used the days in Madrid to spend some great moments with my friends around here. I was having a delicious and enourmous dinner and a walk through Madrid on Monday, another nice dinner on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday. It should be mentioned, that we (Iñigo, Wiebke and me) decided to go to a chinese place - I do not want to call it restaurant, because it wasn't. Rather said it was kind of a garage within a passage, where we had cheap and good food underneath the Plaza España.

On Thursday Sasa came to Madrid to visit me for the weekend. So I picked him up at the airport and we had a pretty chilled evening eating some Tapas and having a drink. On Friday we went on the tourist programme through the course of the day. In the evening we had another Coke in Chueca before leaving for OHM, a club for both straights and gays playing electronic music. It was great. The music, the people, the party... I really enjoyed it there, although I was kind of shocked about the enormous consumption of drugs. Coming from a little countryside village like I do, this was ways too much for me. I just kept on ignoring it and so I shaked my ass with the Coke in my hands. That's pretty enough for me. :-) As the club switched on the lights at about 6:15 a.m. we thought where to go now. But finally we decided to have a sandwich and head over straight to bed. So it was 7:30 a.m. when we closed our eyes.

As you can imagine, the night was very short and on Saturday we went shopping and preparing ourselves for Halloween. This nights is celebrated like crazy here in Madrid. Even in some restaurants (e.g. Vips) the staff was in disguise for Halloween and all the stores were decorated as well. So we "designed" our own Halloween costumes in a "creative orgy" and went out. Most of the time we spend walking and waiting in Madrid for different groups of people. But it was quite cool, because everybody was in the streets and you could really see some curious costumes. Girls as killing brides, boys as "sexy girls" in lingerie, vampires, widges, Frankensteins, etc. It was quite cool, to see all the creative people outside having fun.

Me and Sasa ready to go out for Halloween.

As the nights was again very short, we spend a very chilled sunny Sunday. We went to Retiro and enjoyed the sun while walking around and being lazy on a park bench. Afterwards we went to Casa del Campo, which is another big park in Madrid - actually the biggest. Walking up some meters, you have an awesome view on the skyline of Madrid, which is just amazing. As the cableway was driving (?) over or heads, we decided to take them back to the city and this was also great. I could just recommend to everybody, to do this in the evening sun. It was great to "fly" over the Casa del Campo and see everything from above while having the sun in the back. After another late-evening-Siesta we went out again to a party, but it wasn't that great. It was kind of lame, as the DJ didn't know to play the right music. Unfortunately. But that brought me to bed early, which wasn't the worst thing to do, as I had to go to University today. And believe me: after such a great weekend it wasn't an easy thing to do. But I succeeded somehow.

So now Sasa is on his way back home to Germany and I hope he spent a great time here in Madrid. I really enjoyed his company, even without the promised bavarian breakfast. :-P

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