Things you should (not) know about Madrid.

After I spent quite some time here in Madrid, I am able to present some insights, I no longer want to hide from you. I don't mind, if you want to know it or not, but it's the truth... So...there we go:
  • Nearly every hour of the day and night, you can find cleaning staff on the streets. Nevertheless the streets are never very clean though.
  • In every street in the city center there are chinese people selling beer, sandwiches and other stuff during the whole night. Athough it's forbidden, the put their things on a very "professional" sales counter which is made out of cardboard boxes. I advice you, to never buy sandwiches from them, because they might have been thrown into the garbage can before (e.g. when the police occured).
  • Even in Madrid it can be really cold. Unfortunately you cannot find the sea around the city. :-)
  • If you ask someone in the streets how to get somewhere, suddenly you can have a conversation about everything and nothing. It's quite fun!
  • The walls in the flats are quite thin and you can hear various things from your roomates.
  • As there are so many clubs, restaurants and bars around, it's hard to find an adequate one. It's very common to spend hours walking through the streets without finding anything that you could like. But, of course, from time to time you are successful and...
  • ...you are also able to make Party until the break of the day. The bars close their doors at 3 am but the clubs keep playing their music until 6 am.
  • From time to time, there's a bad smell in the air. Unfortunately almost in every corner of the city center. This is because the guys (not only men!!!) piss anywhere when they feel like pissing (e.g. trees, houses, doors, garbage cans, cars, etc.). So you really have to be careful, where you put your feet while walking.
  • The public transport is quite good. You can use the Metro from 6 am to 1.30 am every day. Through the nights you have various nightbuses, that bring you everywhere. If you are lucky and live near the city center, you can go by foot. You will (almost) never be alone in the streets. Does't matter when. Moreover, if you catch the first metro at about 6 am, you probably will not find a seat to sit down. It's crowded as hell because the creatures of the nights are on their way home and others are on their way to work or whatever.
  • Talking about work: right in the city center, rather said in the pedestrian precinct, there's the working place of the prostitutes. Every point of time you will find the Ladies standing around and waiting for men to come. They keep on searching very offensive, so it might occure that they try to catch you, touch you while saying "Hey Cutie, how are you? Wanna fuck?". This is really disgusting, as you never know, what or whom they touched before. Uff.
Well, I think this is it for the moment. But as I will spend some more time here, I am sure, this post will be continued.

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