Arrival in Munich. | Holy night.

After being one of the thousands of people queueing on the counters on MAD-Barajas Airport on Wednesday morning at 5.40h, I finally got my boarding pass and was lucky to catch all my flights as it was planned. Dropping down for a short break in BCN, I headed over to Munich to finally spend some moments with Guido walking through Munich and reviewing the last months, in which we couldn't see each other. It was so great to see him, being back in Munich and enjoying the city and its flair. On our walk we - for sure - passed the Apple Shop and found that beautiful Apple XMAS-tree.

Apple XMAS-Tree in the Apple Shop in Munich.

Today, on the 24th I then went to my parents place and I was also very happy to see them after my 3,5 months in Madrid again. Entering the house, it was just like as if I never was away. My mother decorated the house like crazy, but I wasn't surprised, as I was expecting this referring to the last years' experience. The day passed by very quickly with kind of arriving at home, having relatives around and finally the holy night. It was a very quiet and as the song is called - silent night. Except the moment, when our parents forced us to sing with them in front of the christmas tree. This was something new. At first quite embarrassing, but it was fun when we ended after 2 songs.

The thing, that kind of hold me down, was the fact, that this was the first holy night without my grandmother for years, as she died in July this year. She never was a actively person, better said, she was so contained and calm all the time, but nevertheless she was there. This time, she wasn't. Physically...

Later that evening, my mother felt kind of sick and after a short shocking circulation problem, she went to bed and I spend a men's evening with my brother and father. Now, I am where I am. As mi best friend also is sick, I decided not to visit her, as I don't feel like getting sick as well. Hopefully she will get better soon, as I really need to see her.

For all the ones, I couldn't reach via facebook, SMS, telephone or mail: at least MERRY CHRISTMAS also for you guys.

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