Flashback | 2009.

As the year is almost over, it's time for me to review the last months and to point out some highlights, that occured throughout the year.

  • After months of dreaming, I finally bought a SLR and started to take photos with it. Now, almost a year later, I am still a bloody amateur, but trying my best and I guess,some nice shots turned out in the meantime.
  • The application for my ERASMUS in Madrid was handed in to the International Office of my university.
  • As I had to start my second internship on 1st of March and still hadn't had a position at that point of time, I got quite nervous. But then the companies came up and I had some interviews at Lufthansa, BBDO, Daimler, BMW, ... And after the approval of BMW I was the luckiest guy on earth, as I saw myself living in Munich for 6 months with my university girls and some more good friends around and the summertime in Munich.
  • The family of my best friend's sister got bigger with the birth of Samuel at the beginning of February. This cute little "something" now is almost a year old and it's so great to see the development that takes place just withing one year, although I wasn't able to be there a lot of times physically.
  • Due to the beginning of the internship in Munich, I had to move out of the flat I lived for these 6 months in Neu-Ulm. Although Neu-Ulm surely is not the best place to be, I really enjoyed living there in that little shared flat in the city centre.
"Neue Mitte" in Ulm.

  • My internship and therefore my new life in Munich began. Being part a totally new shared flat, I had to experience how life is in 2009 without having connection to the WWW. Let me tell you one thing: it's horrible and impossible. But therefore I got to know all the shops and I lost a lot of money with spending time in the city. :-)
  • Furthermore a really close friendship started from that point of time on.
Guido and me

  • Seems as if nothing important happend in April. Besides one thing, that changed a lot: I go accepted for the ERASMUS in Madrid and I started being curious about how life will be in Spain's capital. At that moment of time, I didn't expect it to turn out that great as it finally turned out. Looking back, I can say, that the decision to spend my ERASMUS in Madrid, was one of the best decisions I made so far. Of course, I do not have any comparisons, but as I am totally happy here, I think, there is no comparison needed. Just being happy and enjoying the possibility to spend some great moments here. But coming back to the calender.
  • For 2 days I got visited by a friend. Saying that, this would not be anything special. But mentioning that this friend usually lives in Florida, USA and was "just" a myspace-facebook-friend up to that point of time, that makes it kind of special - at least for me. I was pretty happy to welcome him after 2 years of chatting and "spyke-ing" and to show him around in Munich. As a nice memory, I am often wearing his shirt, he gave to me as a present after I fell in love with it immediately when I saw him wearing it.
John with THAT shirt in the boat on the lake in the English Garden in Munich
  • At work there was the big Marketing Conference with all the Marketing Managers from CEEU. It was quite cool to see them finally in person, after having swapped so many Emails and just having talked on the telephone. They turned out to be very nice and young guys and it was fun to spend the two days with them, even that it was business.
  • I think, I do not need to mention, that at this time the Biergarten-season already was opened and that I spent some nice hours with nice people sitting in the various Biergartens of Munich enjoying the sun, the atmosphere and the food/drinks.
  • My second trip to Berlin took place. Although we had difficulties at first, everything turned out fine at the end. It was great to spend some days in Berlin, seeing some old and close as well as new friends and enjoying some good moments with all of them.
Marco - a good friend and my host in Berlin

  • Just like the years before, also in 2009 I was able to be part of the Schwörmontag. It's kind of difficult to explain this day to people, that haven't been part of it up to now. Try to imagine a mixture of carneval, bank holiday, summer outdoor party and the streets full of people having fun and enjoying the atmosphere. I think, this might be it. It was too cool to finally see all my student friends, my "regular" friends and - in particular - Ele, who turned out to be my personal assisstant for all concerns concerning Madrid.
  • Besides that great moments, there was another moment, which wasn't that great. In contrast, it was very sad. After having lived the last years with me and my family, my grandmother died on the 31st of July at the age of 89 years. Although she was old and kind of sick the last days of here life, it was really hard, as my parents told me on the phone about her death, as I was in Munich at that time. I can remember crystal clearly, how I was walking around in Munich, full of thoughts and at the same time totally empty, not knowing what to think. Thanks again to Sebastian, who was just there for me at that very special moment.
  • As my grandmother died in July, the funeral took place just a few days later and turned out as very hard again, but "beautiful" as well. There were so many people on the funeral saying goodbye to my grandmother, which made me "happy" at that moment. Seeing the goodwill of all that people also helped me to say "Tschüss Oma.".
Saying "Goodbye" to my Grandma.
  • As August was my last month in Munich, it was also time to say "Goodbye" to so many people, new friends and things. The last day at work, saying Bye to all the guys that helped my spending an amazing time in Munich, especially to Guido, to Munich itself as a beautiful city, to my flat which I kind of liked, and so on and so forth. Luckily, it wasn't that hard, as I knew that a new chapter will follow very soon: being ERASMUS in Madrid.
  • Looking back on the 6 months in Munich, this was a great time for me. The work, although there were some negative days as well, was quite cool and helped me a lot. I was able to learn a lot and get great insights into the world of BMW. I got to know europeanwide people and - not to forget mentioning it - I was able to drive great cars throughout the months. Besides work, I had a great private life in Munich. I got to know a bunch of great guys with whom I had several great moments I do not want to miss while enjoying several bars or cafes, the nature in Munich, concerts or other things. Good to know, that my hometown is just a 2 hours car drive from Munich and that there are people welcoming me whenever I want to go there.
Marienplatz in Munich

  • 4th of September: this was the day, when the journey into my "new" life began. I don't want to repeat every single point, although I would like too. But as I started the mention everything I did on the blog with presenting loads of pictures, I think, there is no need to review every single step. Just some highlights of the big MADRID-highlight.
  • At the beginning it was all about getting yourself organized in the new environment: finding a flat, finding contacts in the university and in private life, getting to know the city and all that stuff. Luckily I already had Ele, my personal assisstant and Klaudia, my tutor, that were big helps at that time.
  • I also went for the first journeys to Toledo and Segovia, that both were worth to be seen.
In Segovia with Wiebke and Ana.

  • My first visitor was aroung: Reto, who stayed a couple of days and enjoyed being in Madrid. Thanks again for the music and the lovely book.
  • My third trip to Barcelona took place. This was a great possibility to visit the city, a good friend of mine, seeing a student of my hometown university again and getting to know new people again.
View over Barcelona from Park Güell
  • My fourth trip to Granada took place, which was also just awesome. The first trip with all the ERASMUS guys to the beautiful city of Granada, where we all spent a great time.
Having a good time in Granada.
  • Sasa visited me for a weekend and it was fine to finally see a "face from Munich". Moreover he brought some delicious food with him. Yummy.
  • Tatjana, an ancient colleague from BMW spent some days in Madrid and we also met for a couple of hours to have a coffee.
  • Another short trip (the 5th one) to El Escorial took place. Being there with Ele, Wiebke and to friends of Ele was very nice. Thanks again for taking us with you, Ele. ;-)
The gang in El Escorial.
  • Another visitor arrived in Madrid: Daan, who I just got to know here on site. But we connected pretty fast and very well, so it was as if we knew each other for years before. Thanks again for the delicious belgium chocolate.
Daan and me being stupid.
  • Furthermore I had a great spanish-german dinner with Klaudia and her selfmade spanish Tortilla.
  • The next "candidate" on the visitor's list was Sebastian. I was really happy to finally see him, after several weeks of just chatting and stuff. Moreover he brought a big bag with lots of christmas sweeties with him, which was just amazing. Thanks again therefore and of course for the nice hours we spent together as well.
Sebastian and his new madrilenian friend

  • Dany and Anja, my best friends from university, were visiting me on the first weekend of December. It was a very short lasting time, but it was fun seeing them again and offering them a good time in Madrid.
Dany, me and Anja in front of the lake in Retiro
  • My 6th trip lead me to Salamanca with Juan. Salamanca turned out to be very nice, small and cold. In every case, it was worth travelling there.
Me and Juan facing the cold of Salamanca.
  • I do not want to call it another trip, but in the end it was a trip... My trip back home for Christmas. It was very nice to see my family and some of my friends during the few days I spent in good old Germany.
XMAS at home.

So now, being almost at the end of 2009, I reviewed the last months, just pointing out some concise points. It felt good thinking again about all these things, knowing that I'll keep that stuff always in my mind.

So much for the moment, but I do not want to end up before wishing you guys a good start into a wonderful new year 2010.

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