Strange mood days.

The last days were kind of strange. I don't know if it is the days or me. I am kind of in a strange mood.

Totally fed up with the university. I think, this is reason number one, why I am kind of in a strange mood lately. It's not that we have too much things to do, but it's the whole thing how it happens and stuff. And the biggest joke was this: the students know discovered, that the exams are already starting at the beginning of January and that they will not have enough time to study. Just to provide some background information: the schedule for the exam period was already given before I arrived in Madrid. So, as they think, they don't have enough time, the asked the university to postpone the whole perios for at least one week. This is just unbelievable and I deeply hope, that this is not going to be happen, as I already have other plans. But, facing the worst case, I would not have as big problems as other Erasmus students, that already booked their flights home or somewhere else.

Also in connection with this whole university-exams-stuff, it becomes very obvious, that the end is in sight right now. After the exams, there will not happen much. Most of the Erasmus students will leave Madrid immediately and also for me the times will be over soon. As I will start working for my thesis on the 1st of March, I will come back to Germany at the end of February. But before I want to travel again and I will be welcoming friends. Another very important tast will be saying "Hasta luego" to all the spanish friends I made here in the last months.

Maybe also the whole christmas atmosphere kind of lowers my euphoria. Everything is quite and silent and kind of melancholic. So this makes you thinking about so many things and in these times, my thoughts are also very melancholic.

So I am really happy to come back to Germany for Christmas, even if it is just for a few days. But at least I will see my family, some of my friends and another good thing: I will enjoy my mother's great food after a long time of fried spanish food, fast food or pasta and other bullshit I have eaten. :-)

Carrousel on the christmas market on Plaza Mayor.

And to give you a short overview over the last days, which were pretty quiet, I just can tell:
  • I met some new interesting people and got to know to worship the ones I already got to know. Cheers to everybody of you guys. :-)
  • I was trying to get some stuff done for university with more or less success. At least I wrote the spanish exam, which turned out as okay, I guess. On Tuesday I have to go for the final oral exam. But this won't be a big problem.
  • On Tuesday I went for Dinner to "La mucca", which was recommend by an austrian friend of mine. It was just great there I will recommend to everybody, just to go there and having a good time. They are offering a great menu card with different types of food, but everything is kind of special and very delicious. Once you are hungry and wanna have Dinner in good atmosphere - go there and you will be happy.
  • I went to the city to get some christmas presents which are kind of typical for Madrid. I was kind of shocked about the prices of these typical spanish Jamón-stuff. If you want to, you can spend a lot of money just for such a thing. I saw some beginning from 100,00 € up to 550,00 €. Sorry guys, but I could not afford that to bring it to you.
  • Yesterday there was the Night of fire, a kind of a firework-christmas-event on Plaza de Oriente in front of Palacio Real. It was quite cool to be there, seeing the event, which was organized by various artist, architects and fashion and graphic designers. On the following pictures you will see the mixture between "fashion", fireworks and just imagine great atmospheric music in the background, that fitted perfectly to the firework and the atmosphere they wanted to create.
Impresssions of the Night on Fire.

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