Week 49 | Flashback.

The last week was very busy, as we had to prepare a presentation about the Spanish labor market for the university. Unfortunately I didn't understand the spanish sources that much, but in the end it turned out quite well.

On Friday again it was time to receive another visit from Germany. So I catched Dany and Anja on the airport. After having checked-in in the hotel, we startet the guided tour through Madrid, because the weather was just beautiful. Hours later, after having seen most of the hotspots, we seperated our ways back home. As the girls were to tired to leave hotel again, I went out for Dinner to a vegetarian microbiological restaurant. I was not that delicious as it was when I ate there for the first time, but at least I can be sure, I have eaten something healthy. Afterwards I saw Slumdog Millionaire. I really liked the movie, as I like the way how it was made. But on the other hand, it is also kind of shocking if you think, that there are some kids on earth living such a life. but... well. Everybody knows...

Saturday was pretty lazy for me, as I just showed the girls, where they can go shopping. Honestly I was quite happy, that I didn't have to join them, as it was so crowded in the streets. It's crazy. But nevertheless, I've also bought some clothes. :-) For Dinner we went out to an All-you-can-eat-salad-buffet to compensate the Spanish food and the McFlurry from the day before. Afterwards we spend some nice hours in a bar in Malasaña with drinking great Teas and Chocolate and stuff.

Sunday was again very chilled, just having another Café in the city and saying goodbye to the girls. Again it was very cool to see some "homeland" here in Madrid. For pictures, just click here.

And although tomorrow is free, I won't go out I guess. Kind of not in the right mood for partying all night long. I think, I will prefer watching some nice series of "How I met your mother" and that's it for tonight. Maybe I can then start learning tomorrow. We will see. ;)

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Anonymous said...

hiya Friend!
another Mc Flurry.. i m so jealous!!! ;)

did you eat quiche in the nice vintage bar??

speak soon!