Weekend Flashback | Salamanca.

Last weekend I went on another trip within Spain: together with Juan I went to Salamanca, which was often described as a beautiful little city full of students. And as it is just 2,5 hours by bus from Madrid, this was a good chance, to escape once again from the stress in university. :-)

As we arrived by autobus in Salamanca on Friday, it was already dark and very cold. We just quickly searched our room for the upcoming to nights and went for dinner. Well, finally we ended up in McDonalds. Back in the pension, we unfortunately had to find out that the heating wasn't that effective, so it kept on being cold.

On Saturday we experienced the city and it really turned out as very small, but beautiful. And tremendously cold. I was so freezing all the time, so that I bought gloves and a cap in order to not die because of the cold. I was - more or less - successful in the end. As christmas is coming, the put everywhere some (ugly colourful) lights, as you can see on some of the pictures. But one thing was very cool: On the Plaza Mayor they played some christmas music, so that everybody around the Plaza could here it. This was kind of cool as it created a good atmosphere.

On Sunday we decided to leave Salamanca earlier than expected, as it was so cold again and we didn't have a place to store our suitcases. So we headed back to Madrid: freezing, but happy.

One more thing: the food we ate in Salamanca - besides McDonalds - was just great. Right on the Plaza Mayor there is the Meson Cervantes, which is a mixture between Tapas-Drinks-Bar and Restaurant. Close to the Plaza there was a great Pizzeria called A`Tarantella. They were offering not just the ordinary italien food but some special creations, which seemed to be very delicious. So if you ever go to Salamanca, you should definitely check out that places and enjoy the food over there.

Me and Juan in Salamanca.

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