End of this Semester.

Just in the moment, when I was handing in my last exam of this semester on Thursday I suddenly recognized, that it was not only the last exam of this semester but the last one forever. Just imagine... Woof!

As you surely can imagine as well, this was enough reason to have a party. But unfortunately it was not the only reason to see all the erasmus and my other spanish friends: it was also Wiebke's farewell from Madrid, as she left Madrid yesterday morning. But nevertheless - as the pictures might show - we all enjoyed a nice evening and it was pure fun.

Iñigo, Wiebke and I.

Yesterday, another friend from Munich was around and we spent a nice day walking around, EATING and having party until the early morning hours.

Unfortunately this was the reason, why I totally overslept this morning... Actually I wanted to be at the airport at 11.30 am to pick up two friends again. But when they called me at 12 am, I was still in bed, sleeping. Abandonning this, we spend another nice day walking thorugh Madrid. As well I had my first dinner in a Hard Rock Café. What a delicious well-done medium burger.

Jules and Anita in front of Palacio Real.

Now, I have to get prepared for the tonight's party. I have to sleep.

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