Flashback | week 4.

As I already wrote lately, the semester is over, so it's time for party, friends, but unfortunately also time for farewells and stuff. This really sucks, but it's part of life and we can be sure, to see each other sometime and somewhere again. This makes it kind of easier, even though it is everytime a tough task to do. But it's worth it.

So the last week was full of friend's visits, party, getting to know new and gorgeous people and farewells. To become a little bit clearer: first I had Jules and Anita around, two girls from my gymnastic's sports group. It was very funny to have them around and to see them outside of a sport hall. Here you can see, what a great time we spent together.

Jules, Anita and I.

These days Babsi left Madrid as well for Austria before heading over to Brazil. So we had a great breakfast with Cola-Cao and a delicous Napolitana con crema. Besides the wonderful breakfast, it felt good to say goodbye in person knowing that we will see each other very soon. The other austrian girls unfortunately left Madrid as well without a possibility to see each other beforehands. But... Austria is not that far away, is it? So... see you soon!

Me and Babsi.

The next visitor on my "agenda" was Sebi from Munich. We also spend a couple of nice days and I got to know some of his friends who turned out to be very funny and nice. It's always great to get to know new people. Talking about that, I also have to mention another friend of mine: David. Thanks to him, I was able to be at a spanish movie production, which was interesting and very cool to see. Thanks therefore as well!! Pics of these days can be seen here.
Me, Sebi and Sissy.

And finally, another farewell took place. The italian girls Enrica and Marisa left Madrid as well this weekend. The party was very funny and it was kind of sad in two ways: not only that we had to say goodbye, but also recognizing that we didn't spend that much time together here in Madrid, was a sad experience. But staying in touch and fixing a meeting in the future also helps here. :-)

Enrica, me and Marisa.

What else can be told? Don't know. Maybe that I do not want to leave Madrid?

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