Two weeks without constant access to the WWW.

As you can already read in the headline, I was without constant connection to the internet for the last two weeks. Everyone that knows me and I think, even the ones that don't, can more or less guess, how hard this time was. Take a minute to think about it.


Got it? Now double it. And then square it. Then you might have a slight idea of how it felt for me every single minute. As an additional information: it was exam's time. This even doubled it again. But okay. I made up some new insights and I even got evidence on old ones.
  • It seems to be hard to pick up dog's shit from the street, when it's to thin.
  • Life without internet sucks.
  • Stupid learning is stupid.
  • "How I met you mother" is great and saves lifes.
  • Not having enough time to enjoy life is aweful.
  • Dreaming of cats who immediately jump on your throat can cause you the night.
  • Did I mention, that life without internet is totally crap?
  • Music is great. ¡Viva el Pop!
  • Facing the last time of an ending chapter doesn't feel good - assumed, it was a good chapter.
  • People can be weird. And strange.
  • Five cm of Snow is a serious problem in Spain.
  • It can be fun, when girls scream from the top of a building, that they like your style while you are passing by.
I think, these were not the only insights I got throughout the last two weeks. But... I want to keep it short for the moment.

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