Strange mood days.

Although this headline was already used, it fits best to the current state I am seeing myself in:it's strange. In my thoughts I am still in Madrid with my friends over there, thinking about the good times we spent there over the last months.

Missing it a lot on the one hand, on the other hand I have to face my present, which will take place here for the next upcoming six months. But it is quite hard seeing that little town with its "weird" inhabitants. Trying to escape to Ulm, which is supposed to be the next bigger city, doesn't help me out that much neither.

But I was very happy and thankful to have my best friends around me in my first days being back home. On the on hand Guido from Munich joined me, on the other hand Sandi and the girls were out with us as well and some other close friends could be met as well. So... this was, how I could spend some hours without thinking of Madrid and obviously being sadish... Here are some pictures of the nice sunny days I had thanks to Guido and the others. Thx therefore.


Flashback | weeks 6-8.

As these weeks have been very busy, I wasn't able to post something on here. So now I will review all the bigger happenings of the last 3 weeks of Madrid.

Week 6.
Planned on a long range, my parents finally came and visited me in Madrid to get an insight of my little spanish world. Besides the obligatory tourism programme, we ate a lot. I think it was even more than that. But it was delicious and just awesome. Moreover this was the weekend of carneval. The ones of you that know me know, that I am absolutely not into carneval, to be polite. I hate it. But the carneval over there was something different. The costumes were great, the parade colourful with great vehicles and stuff. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me these days, so I wasn't able to take some pictures of the parade. So I just can offer these ones.

I think, although everything was quite new and from time to time surprising for my parents, they liked it a lot. But still I am not sure, if they liked the fact of being in Madrid or the fact of finally being together with the whole family. This did not happen for a long time. And although it was kind of exhausting from time to time, I really enjoyed their company as well.

Week 7.
My parents left and Daan came a second time to Madrid, to visit me, some friends and - of course - Madrid. It was quite fun to see him again in Madrid, where we got to know each other some months before. As he already knew the tourism programme, we could therefore focus on other stuff and we went out for party, having dinner and went to the ArCo ("Arte Contemporaneo en España) - a big art trade fair taking place in Madrid. Although I am not that much into contemporary art and stuff, it was worth to be seen and we spend a nice afternoon there with David and Iñigo.

On Thursday David organized a nice Dinner with some of his friends. But it was not only a nice and delicious dinner, it was the "fiesta de chi-chi". The best party ever. :-) At first we had some delicious self-made spanish food and lateron we went out for party. It was quite fun and nice to get to know some more lovely spanish people. The end of the night ended up in the first tears about the upcoming end of my Madrid time. But somehow I could fix it again.

On Friday I got convinced to go to the movies. I saw Colin Firth and Juliane Moore in "A single man". The movie was quite good and to my surprising Jon Kortajarena also had a small role in this movie. Maybe it was better for his career that it was just a small one, but it was just pure pleasure to see him on the big screen. In the end, the movie turned out as quite sad and therefore it might not have been the best choice for my mood. But I went through it.

Trailer "A single man"

Saturday was the day when Daan left me again and my last 5 days on my own in Madrid started. All the pictures of the time with Daan can be seen on here.

Week 8.
These days were full of joy and pleasure with my closest friends. We went out for Party again, had great food, nice drinks with friends to say goodbye, etc. ... It was full of enjoying the time that still is left with my beloved friends. As the time was just great, it was a wonderful "end" of a great period. Unfortunately, it didn't make it easier to leave Madrid. To understand what I am saying, here you find some pictures to get a better understanding of it.

So today was the day, of which I was afraid the last weeks: my departure of Madrid back into my old live. Living with my parents again in that small and boring city in the neighborhood of Ulm. Still I don't know, what to feel. I think, I will need some time to structure my thoughts, to realize that my time in Madrid is over for the moment and that this wonderful time never will come back.

But right now, I am not able to be more clear about that topic. So I think, it will be best to stop here, put on some music and start unpacking. You'll get another mood-report when I am able to do it.
Maybe a pictures says more than a 1.000 words.


Las señoras.

I heard a lot about the legendary señoras of Madrid. I read a lot about them and just some days ago I saw a short clip about the señoras showing what kind of señoras these señoras are.

But finally, I was so lucky to see them - live and by my own. It was like the invasion of the señora. One was older than the other, wore more jewels and more make-up than the other, smoked more cigarettes that the other and therefore had a rougher voice than the other, drank more alcohol than the other, had a more expensive furry coat, ... tbc.

It was just great to see these old ladies getting drunk, enjoying life without their (mostly dead?) husbands and waiting on the bar (having a seat at the bar chair in a very sexy position - just imagine a 80 year old lady with skirt and high heels on a bar chair) for the next best table to catch it. I am sure, they might even catfight for a good table and a good Gin Tonic.

It was great, to finally see the señoras and to know, that they really exist. You don't believe me? Have a look at the secretly taken photo (thanks to Carlos!!) or check out the tea salon on your own. It's worth it, definitely.

Wonderful views of Stuttgart.

It's always nice to see pictures and videos of places you have been before. Immediately some special memories come to your mind while watchings these various locations. Even better, in case these images are taken in an artistic and beautiful way just like the video of Stuttgart, that I am going to post here.

I would like to do the same with Madrid, but I am afraid, I cannot do it due to several reasons. The two biggest reasons might be, that (1) I do not know how to do it and (2) I am too lazy.

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, even though you might have lived/ might not be living in Stuttgart.


Days fly by.

Although there is nothing fixed on my agenda, the days fly by very fast. Having coffee here, going for a dring and ending up in a club, staying in bed there, and woooof... Suddenly another week passed. But luckily the days were super nice.

The weather is like springtime in Germany, so it is awesome sitting outside while having a coke or something. Yesterday I took this nice foto of the Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria. In front of the cloudy sky, I really liked that view.

Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria | Plaza Santa Ana.

Later on, I went to another farewell see-you-soon-party. This time it was Deborah's and I was quite surprised, as there were quite a few Erasmus students left. But they are mostly here for one year, so it seems as I am one of the last half-year Erasmus. But I keep on enjoying my last days here.

Deborah and me | La Sultana.

Next weekend my parents including my brother will come visiting me and I am quite excited, how they will like Madrid. I will give my best to show them around and present them "my little world" of the last six months.

Moreover I found a videoclip on youtube, which was recorded here in the pedestrian precinct of Madrid. What a shame, that I wasn't there, although I already was in Madrid these days, hehe. Have a look. And just to let you guys know: seems as if it was a competition for ideas how to promote the fight against AIDS.


Future thoughts.

Knowing that a great chapter of life is about to end up is strange. On the one hand it seems to be okay, as this is the regular way of life: some things end up, others start. But as you never know, how the new ones will turn out in the end, it is always a little adventure.

Actually I consider myself as quite optimistic, but this time it is weird. Up to now, everytime a good chapter was followed by something new. Something adventurous. Something exciting. Something bigger. But what comes now? It is the old, well-known surrounding. Being forced to live in old "restrictions" with new, unpleasant circumstances, as the mayority of friends will no longer be available in the area next to mine. Considering this in combination with the new task of working and finally writing the thesis, makes me kind of... I do not want to say afraid, but thoughtful.

Seeing myself sitting in the library, searching for helpful content in various science books, while beeing disturbed every 2 seconds by students walking by or the bird flying by outside the window. In my mind there is a picture, crytal clear, how it might look like. But honestly, I hope it will somehow be different, meaning better...

So... I will stop now being that thoughtful and just post this great song, I got to know thanks to Patrick. Thx therefore.

Chungking - Following