Days fly by.

Although there is nothing fixed on my agenda, the days fly by very fast. Having coffee here, going for a dring and ending up in a club, staying in bed there, and woooof... Suddenly another week passed. But luckily the days were super nice.

The weather is like springtime in Germany, so it is awesome sitting outside while having a coke or something. Yesterday I took this nice foto of the Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria. In front of the cloudy sky, I really liked that view.

Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria | Plaza Santa Ana.

Later on, I went to another farewell see-you-soon-party. This time it was Deborah's and I was quite surprised, as there were quite a few Erasmus students left. But they are mostly here for one year, so it seems as I am one of the last half-year Erasmus. But I keep on enjoying my last days here.

Deborah and me | La Sultana.

Next weekend my parents including my brother will come visiting me and I am quite excited, how they will like Madrid. I will give my best to show them around and present them "my little world" of the last six months.

Moreover I found a videoclip on youtube, which was recorded here in the pedestrian precinct of Madrid. What a shame, that I wasn't there, although I already was in Madrid these days, hehe. Have a look. And just to let you guys know: seems as if it was a competition for ideas how to promote the fight against AIDS.

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