Future thoughts.

Knowing that a great chapter of life is about to end up is strange. On the one hand it seems to be okay, as this is the regular way of life: some things end up, others start. But as you never know, how the new ones will turn out in the end, it is always a little adventure.

Actually I consider myself as quite optimistic, but this time it is weird. Up to now, everytime a good chapter was followed by something new. Something adventurous. Something exciting. Something bigger. But what comes now? It is the old, well-known surrounding. Being forced to live in old "restrictions" with new, unpleasant circumstances, as the mayority of friends will no longer be available in the area next to mine. Considering this in combination with the new task of working and finally writing the thesis, makes me kind of... I do not want to say afraid, but thoughtful.

Seeing myself sitting in the library, searching for helpful content in various science books, while beeing disturbed every 2 seconds by students walking by or the bird flying by outside the window. In my mind there is a picture, crytal clear, how it might look like. But honestly, I hope it will somehow be different, meaning better...

So... I will stop now being that thoughtful and just post this great song, I got to know thanks to Patrick. Thx therefore.

Chungking - Following

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