Las señoras.

I heard a lot about the legendary señoras of Madrid. I read a lot about them and just some days ago I saw a short clip about the señoras showing what kind of señoras these señoras are.

But finally, I was so lucky to see them - live and by my own. It was like the invasion of the señora. One was older than the other, wore more jewels and more make-up than the other, smoked more cigarettes that the other and therefore had a rougher voice than the other, drank more alcohol than the other, had a more expensive furry coat, ... tbc.

It was just great to see these old ladies getting drunk, enjoying life without their (mostly dead?) husbands and waiting on the bar (having a seat at the bar chair in a very sexy position - just imagine a 80 year old lady with skirt and high heels on a bar chair) for the next best table to catch it. I am sure, they might even catfight for a good table and a good Gin Tonic.

It was great, to finally see the señoras and to know, that they really exist. You don't believe me? Have a look at the secretly taken photo (thanks to Carlos!!) or check out the tea salon on your own. It's worth it, definitely.

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