Strange mood days.

Although this headline was already used, it fits best to the current state I am seeing myself in:it's strange. In my thoughts I am still in Madrid with my friends over there, thinking about the good times we spent there over the last months.

Missing it a lot on the one hand, on the other hand I have to face my present, which will take place here for the next upcoming six months. But it is quite hard seeing that little town with its "weird" inhabitants. Trying to escape to Ulm, which is supposed to be the next bigger city, doesn't help me out that much neither.

But I was very happy and thankful to have my best friends around me in my first days being back home. On the on hand Guido from Munich joined me, on the other hand Sandi and the girls were out with us as well and some other close friends could be met as well. So... this was, how I could spend some hours without thinking of Madrid and obviously being sadish... Here are some pictures of the nice sunny days I had thanks to Guido and the others. Thx therefore.

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