Flashback | Highlight No.2

The days passed by so fast, so that the second highlight is about to be described right now: David was visiting me in my hometown for a couple of days. Of course, it's not about a visit in my hometown, but about that special visit. We spent some nice hours there and in Ulm, but we also escaped to Munich. Originally just having planned to see MIKA live in concert on Saturday evening, it turned out to be a very nice short weekend trip.

Having arrived in Munich, we headed immediately over to the concert. After the last songs of the pre-band, we had to wait for an hour of MIKA, which turned out to be a bit boring. But in the end he entered the stage. There were some surprising things about the whole thing:
  • We were not the only adults there in between of a huge crowd of 14 year old girls.
  • MIKA was dressed less colourful than expected.
  • Most of the songs were already known.
And the rest you can see in the vids* and pictures.

On Sunday we were just having a nice breakfast and we kept on walking around in Munich, enjoying the weather and the nice atmosphere, before we drove home to have dinner with my family again.

David stayed one day longer that originally planned, which was pure fun. So we had some more time left for ourselves and he was in the end able to show how to make a real "swabian" Salmorejo to my parents. :-)

*Vids are about to come the next days.

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