Little Martin coming back.

Although I am still not feeling that much better here in my hometown area, I don’t feel like keep on complaining all the time. In fact, this doesn’t help anybody, so let’s stick to the few positive things, that occurred and will happen in the upcoming days and weeks.

My belgian friend Daan spend the last weekend in Madrid again and it was a weird feeling, not being with him and all my friends there to spend a good time together. But, as I didn’t want to complain again, this should not be the main content of this paragraph. Moreover, he made such a cute surprise, as he might have guessed in advance, that it will put into kind of a melancholic/ sad mood. So he brought something – or shall I say someone? – with him, that made me very happy. He brought a little doll with him, brown haired and blue eyed, called little Martin. Pictures, showing little Martin with my friends in all the different situations during the weekend, he made me feel kind of being part of the group, although I wasn’t there. It was such a great surprise and he made me laugh a lot. Thanks Daan for that gorgeous idea and all of the others, that helped to make me that happy.

And there are 3 things about to come, that make me also very happy and therefore more optimistic:

  1. I will spend the next weekend entirely in Munich, visiting Guido and some other friends, I haven’t seen a long time. I am sure, it will be a blast being back in Munich, enjoying the atmosphere and seeing the guys again. I am really looking forward to it.
  2. The weekend following the upcoming one will be a very special one for me as well. It’s not only, that I will be in Munich again to see MIKA live in concert. The main thing about these days is, that David from Madrid will be visiting me here! I hardly cannot wait, until I finally see him again.
  3. And the last planned weekend so far will be the weekend on Easter, which I will spend in Berlin. Again with David and also hope to see many other friends. But I am sure, I can manage it meeting as much as possible.

So regarding these three facts, I am really happily facing the upcoming weeks, which will pass by very quickly due to other nice plans like cooking with friends, training, my dad’s birthday and so on.

As these plans will be over at the beginning of April, I am already trying to figure something out for April. So, if you guys have any (realistic) ideas, please let me know!

Little Martin back in Madrid.

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Bina Nimmerda said...

hmmm, wie wärs mit Frankreich?