A weekend in Munich.

I was lucky to spend my last weekend in Munich. After my return to Germany, this was the first time I headed over to Munich to see some friends and have a good time. And in fact, my plans totally came true. Or let's say most of them came true.

I saw some important friends of mine after a while of not having seen them. So it was just fun, walking around with them and enjoying being together and discovering the city again, where I already spend 6 wonderful months!

One of the most incredible things was, that I met my ancient roomate from Stuttgart for coincidence in the streets. We just had a short conversation, as everybody was busy, but it felt good seeing him after 2,5 years again.

So... I did not take many pictures, but here you get some impressions of what I have done during this weekend.

And now, another highlight is about to begin tomorrow: David is coming to Germany to visit me and some other friends. I hardly can't wait to finally see him again. Ya le digo: BIENVENIDO EN WEISSENHORN¡¡¡

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