12 points for germany.

I have never been much into all that Eurovision Song Contest thing. I watched it several times, because everybody did. And honestly spoken, there was already so much crap being sent from Germany... Just remember Guildo Horn or Stefan Raab.

But this year, it changed. There was this little, very down-to-earth girl called Lena with her "Satellite". I got kind of upset before the contest took finally place in Oslo, because the media was horrible and every little step she took in the past was now a big step and in the centre of interest. So I was kind of happy, that today should be the final day, when it all should take place in the end.

I met some friends to watch it together, having a nice dinner and stuff. And it was pure fun watching and listening to all the european countries. For the first time, kind of being related to the other countries of Europe, as there are more or less strong relationships now. Having spent half a year in Spain, where I have a bunch of super close friends now, knowing that the singer is a friend of David. Or the belgium guy with the guitar reminding me of nice moments with my belgium friend Daan. The nordic countries reminding me of the girls from Finland, I got to know in Madrid. The same with the guys from Portugal. Finally, also countries like Rumania or Slovenia brought back memories of my time working for BMW Group CEEU.

And after the voting, when Germany was on top of the list, I became more and more nervous, we were screaming for every points the others gave and in the end, we finally won the whole thing. Congratulations to LENA. It was totally funny seeing her, being so unsure but self-confident. It was great. I fell in love with her, when she said: "Ehm... I don't have any idea where I should go now... But... I don't care. I just keep on talking!".

Thanks LENA for that nice evening and for winning again after 28 years.


Flashback | Highlight No.5

The highlights are going on. This weekend was actually full of highlights and the biggest highlight was there for the whole weekend, so you can imagine, how fast these days flew by.

It all began on Friday afternoon, when I picked up David at the airport in Memmingen. What a feeling to finally see him again. Woof. Immediately we went to Sandi's new flat to have a little barbecue with some friends, which turned out into a very great, relaxed and friendly evening with "all" my beloved ones. Thanks to the pictures, you can get an impression by yourself. Heading home in the night, we had a short rest in order to get prepared for the next highlight: the wedding of a friend of us from school on Saturday.

So we got up, prepared ourselves for the weeding and went to the little romantic church, where the ceremony took place. Due to the small church, it was very personal and intimate and there nice - as this is how a wedding in my eyes should be. The musical frame was mainly build up by a little unplugged band in the front, but when the solo singer started singing "up where we belong", it was so emotional and just amazing in there. After the church, we went to the party place, where we enjoyed the company of olf friends, the weather, the food and all that stuff. It was quite nice. Pictures can be seen here. And it was the starting of the next highlight: my 25th birthday on Sunday.

The bride made a little anouncement of it and all the guests sang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY-song for me over there, which was quite fun. So Sunday was "my" day. Besides some phone calls and SMS, I got soooo many comments on my facebook wall, it was just great to read congratulations from all of you guys. Thanks again therefore. In the evening hour there was the TWENTY5 Party in my house. It was so cool, to have most of my friends arounds, although some weren't able to come due to different reasons. Hope to see you guys soonish. The party was super fun - at least for me - and I got some really nice presents. Thanks again therefore as well! I will enjoy it. :D Some pics of it are available here.

So, as you can imagine, Monday was a bit more relaxing with another barbecue with the family, David and Guido. It was pure fun and the weather was just great. So we enjoyed it being there together, before Guido went home and David's airplane was about to take off.

Although it was so short, every second was worth having experienced it and I hope to see all of you and all of the others very soon!


Flashback | Highlight No.3 & 4

It's been a while since I've posted something for the last time. A lot of things happend in between, but I will just review the last two highlights of the last weeks.

Hightlight No.3
This year's easter I spent in Berlin with David. It was good to be back in Berlin again. Being there, seeing old and new friends, going out to have dinner and/ or party, all combined with good company. :)
Please find the pics here.

Hightlight No.4
Last weekend I was in Madrid again. It was so great to be back again after two months. It was a quite busy schedule, but it was totally worth it, as you can see on the pictures. I arrived in Madrid a little bit later, as we weren't allowed to take off in Munich. But everything went well and I met David just in time on the airport. As the first big surprise, my friend Ele picked us up at the airport. As we arrived at David's flat, the next BIG surprise was waiting for me. It took me quite a while, until I got the idea of that surprise party with all my madrilenian friends, that was just organized for me. First, I was kind of positively shocked, but then it was just great to see everybody there feeling comfortable and having fun.
The next days I spent with a lot of food, enjoying the sun, being out, getting to know new people and all that fun stuff. It was just awesome to be back in Madrid for a little bit more than 60 hours. Can't wait, until I will be back again.

Thanks to everybody for having been there on the party and for enabling that big surprise for me. Special thanks to Pedro, Ele and David for all the overall organization and the idea. Muchisimas gracias!