12 points for germany.

I have never been much into all that Eurovision Song Contest thing. I watched it several times, because everybody did. And honestly spoken, there was already so much crap being sent from Germany... Just remember Guildo Horn or Stefan Raab.

But this year, it changed. There was this little, very down-to-earth girl called Lena with her "Satellite". I got kind of upset before the contest took finally place in Oslo, because the media was horrible and every little step she took in the past was now a big step and in the centre of interest. So I was kind of happy, that today should be the final day, when it all should take place in the end.

I met some friends to watch it together, having a nice dinner and stuff. And it was pure fun watching and listening to all the european countries. For the first time, kind of being related to the other countries of Europe, as there are more or less strong relationships now. Having spent half a year in Spain, where I have a bunch of super close friends now, knowing that the singer is a friend of David. Or the belgium guy with the guitar reminding me of nice moments with my belgium friend Daan. The nordic countries reminding me of the girls from Finland, I got to know in Madrid. The same with the guys from Portugal. Finally, also countries like Rumania or Slovenia brought back memories of my time working for BMW Group CEEU.

And after the voting, when Germany was on top of the list, I became more and more nervous, we were screaming for every points the others gave and in the end, we finally won the whole thing. Congratulations to LENA. It was totally funny seeing her, being so unsure but self-confident. It was great. I fell in love with her, when she said: "Ehm... I don't have any idea where I should go now... But... I don't care. I just keep on talking!".

Thanks LENA for that nice evening and for winning again after 28 years.

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Belle said...

Love this song and the singer.