Flashback | Highlight No.3 & 4

It's been a while since I've posted something for the last time. A lot of things happend in between, but I will just review the last two highlights of the last weeks.

Hightlight No.3
This year's easter I spent in Berlin with David. It was good to be back in Berlin again. Being there, seeing old and new friends, going out to have dinner and/ or party, all combined with good company. :)
Please find the pics here.

Hightlight No.4
Last weekend I was in Madrid again. It was so great to be back again after two months. It was a quite busy schedule, but it was totally worth it, as you can see on the pictures. I arrived in Madrid a little bit later, as we weren't allowed to take off in Munich. But everything went well and I met David just in time on the airport. As the first big surprise, my friend Ele picked us up at the airport. As we arrived at David's flat, the next BIG surprise was waiting for me. It took me quite a while, until I got the idea of that surprise party with all my madrilenian friends, that was just organized for me. First, I was kind of positively shocked, but then it was just great to see everybody there feeling comfortable and having fun.
The next days I spent with a lot of food, enjoying the sun, being out, getting to know new people and all that fun stuff. It was just awesome to be back in Madrid for a little bit more than 60 hours. Can't wait, until I will be back again.

Thanks to everybody for having been there on the party and for enabling that big surprise for me. Special thanks to Pedro, Ele and David for all the overall organization and the idea. Muchisimas gracias!

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