Flashback | Highlight No.5

The highlights are going on. This weekend was actually full of highlights and the biggest highlight was there for the whole weekend, so you can imagine, how fast these days flew by.

It all began on Friday afternoon, when I picked up David at the airport in Memmingen. What a feeling to finally see him again. Woof. Immediately we went to Sandi's new flat to have a little barbecue with some friends, which turned out into a very great, relaxed and friendly evening with "all" my beloved ones. Thanks to the pictures, you can get an impression by yourself. Heading home in the night, we had a short rest in order to get prepared for the next highlight: the wedding of a friend of us from school on Saturday.

So we got up, prepared ourselves for the weeding and went to the little romantic church, where the ceremony took place. Due to the small church, it was very personal and intimate and there nice - as this is how a wedding in my eyes should be. The musical frame was mainly build up by a little unplugged band in the front, but when the solo singer started singing "up where we belong", it was so emotional and just amazing in there. After the church, we went to the party place, where we enjoyed the company of olf friends, the weather, the food and all that stuff. It was quite nice. Pictures can be seen here. And it was the starting of the next highlight: my 25th birthday on Sunday.

The bride made a little anouncement of it and all the guests sang a HAPPY BIRTHDAY-song for me over there, which was quite fun. So Sunday was "my" day. Besides some phone calls and SMS, I got soooo many comments on my facebook wall, it was just great to read congratulations from all of you guys. Thanks again therefore. In the evening hour there was the TWENTY5 Party in my house. It was so cool, to have most of my friends arounds, although some weren't able to come due to different reasons. Hope to see you guys soonish. The party was super fun - at least for me - and I got some really nice presents. Thanks again therefore as well! I will enjoy it. :D Some pics of it are available here.

So, as you can imagine, Monday was a bit more relaxing with another barbecue with the family, David and Guido. It was pure fun and the weather was just great. So we enjoyed it being there together, before Guido went home and David's airplane was about to take off.

Although it was so short, every second was worth having experienced it and I hope to see all of you and all of the others very soon!

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