10 points for TSV Weissenhorn.

Last Saturday, my gymnastics group and I participated in our first competition of this year and we ended up quite successful with the rank 1. But honestly, we were just competing with one other group and we already knew before, that we would win - most probably. Although our first task, sprinting, wasn't that successful. Hitting the balls was a bit more successful, but the first time when we got evaluated with 10.0 points was after presenting our new medley of GREEN DAY. Although we had some uncertainties with the lyrics, the performance was quite good. But go for it and listen to it by yourself.

The last thing to do was the most exhausting one. I was really afraid not to be able to do it due to my break of more than 6 months without doing anything while I have been in Madrid. But in the end it turned out quite well, although... you will see some minor inequalities.

Well, this was our first competition of 2010 and there will be more to come. so we can be excited about what will come next. But as for now, this was it and here are the pics.