To be honest: it's been a while since I've blogged the last time, so that it's kind of impossible to review the highlights. Quickly overthinking the last weeks, I am not that sure, if there have been that much hightlights. But I am sure, that there have been some. Just rarely summarizing the last weeks to kind of update you guys:

There was another visit from David. A week full of joy and pleasure and happyness. Also we met some friends in Munich and spent a great time, although I had to work through the week days. But I think, we did a good job.

The weather was brilliant for a long time, so I could enjoy being on the lake, taking sunbaths and refresh myself in the water. What a pleasure.

I finally got my hair cut.

I also spend some money for my upcoming career as a photographer, as I don't want to work in the field of a business manager.* So I bought a tripod and another lens. Although I spent more time with taking pictures within the last months, I still didn't take enough time to really work with my new stuff. But you can see some new pictures here and I will post some in this post.

Another competition took place. We were not that successful, but I think, it was okay. We made it to rank 3. Videos are about to come as soon as I have them available. Afterwards we participated within a parade in my hometown and got broadcasted on regional television for a second. If you are interested, click here.

During the last weeks, I got to know new people and I also got to know old friends in a closer way, which makes me really happy. Besides I enjoyed good moments with my friends. And I am missing others, that are travelling around the world or that are just not that close.

Last Friday was my last day at work, now I can fully concentrate on writing my thesis. It's not that this makes me happy like hell, but not being bound going into the office every morning is a big easement.

To give a little forecast about the upcoming time:
Writing my thesis will take a lot of my time. Furthermore I need to apply for a job. So... if anybody knows anything interesting in the sector of markting communications or PR, I am pleased for every hint. Besides professional duties, there is also private pleasure. This is why I am going to Munich the upcoming weekend and in just 2 weeks I will be going to Berlin again. Not only to see my friends from over there, but also to hug Daan, my friend from Belgium, David and Borja from Madrid. I am really looking forward. Can't wait. :-)

I think, this should be it for the moment.

*) just kidding... kind of.


Siang said...

looks great after haircut=)

brooke said...

Nice photos who is the guy??



ruairi said...

Cool :-)

I just randomly found your blog by clicking next blog- we live in the same German state!!!

( if thats what they call em...)

Ive just moved to Stuttgart :-) Love the photography work and also the decision to make it a full time career- great job :-D

Jay G said...

I like your scenic street pictures allot. Good luck with your photography career.

flixx85 said...

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your nice comments. I am sorry, that it took me so long to approve them, but as you can see, I was kind of absent in the real life.... but it seems, as if I were back...

@siang. thanks a lot!
@brooke. the guy is...me.
@ruairi. what are u doing in stuttgart? what lead you over there? I am living pretty close - at least, more or less. unfortunately i didn't make up my mind to focus more on photography... or let's say for professionell reasons.
@jay g. thanks dude!