One step further.

Since I handed in my thesis last week, I spent some great days so far. First of all, I went to Wiesbaden to see Wiebke after she left Madrid for her NY adventure for the first time. It was great to see her again, talk about the days back then and think about those, that are about to come. It was a pretty chill stay over there and besides her, I visited Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt/ Main and also met other close and new friends. On my way back home I stopped on Karlsruhe and Stuttgart and I spent some more nice hours in good company. It was a real fun week. Here you can find some pics.
Wiebke & me






Besides I booked my flights for Madrid. In just 2 weeks I will head over to Spain for a month and enjoy my time over there with friends, sun and good atmosphere. I hope to get my thoughts organized a bit in order to see the things a bit clearer in the end. But until I will be going, there are still some highlights to come: Ele from Madrid is coming to Ulm, I will be going to the Wiesn with friends and enjoy another weekend in Munich, maybe another in Stuttgart. So there are some great days about to come.

For now, I will just end with another picture. I just discovered this funny site on the internet and already had loads of fun. I am sure, there will be more pics available in the upcoming days.

me in the virtual photo booth



After so many flashbacks, it seems like a breaking-the-rules now to consider this post as a forecast. But, it's not - like the flashbacks related to the past - telling what will happen in the future. This is the main thing, that should become clear. It's not possible to state, what is going to happen soon. You can suggest, you can suppose, you can try to lend... but in the end, it can turn out in a totally different way. Forecasts are based on feelings, on thoughts, on wishes, ... But you never know, how it will turn out in the end.

I am trying to think about all the different ways, how it could turn out. How my future will be. But how should I know, in which forms it will be shaped in the end? There are hundreds, thousands, millions of possibilities, how things could finally be. Nobody will ever be able to think of all possible ways. So... Why do I not just take action and try to find out, how it will be in the end? Not to think about it over and over, knowing that you never will see the future in your mind, as long as you are not in that situation.

But there is something, holding me back taking action. Maybe it's the fear of taking the wrong steps into a false direction. But how can you know without trying? It might be the challenge to put this thoughts into action. Again.

So I am pretty curious, how everything will turn out in the end. So you see, it's pretty much easier to do flashbacks than forecasts.