Back to Erasmus life.

I always got kind of upset, when somebody was always talking about experiences he had abroad. Now, after having been one of these Erasmus kids, I find myself talking about that special experience from time to time. And more often. These days, I understand, why the others were so enthusiastic about it, as I am as enthusiastic now as they were then. But it makes me happy to see, that you can refresh your imagination whenever you want.

So, last week I could be part of some other's Erasmus experience, when they came back to their city: Ulm. From here, we went to Munich to the Oktoberfest and I think, we had a blast. At least, the pics show, that it was pure fun.

The good news from my side is, that I will return to my Erasmus experience on Sunday already. I am going to spend one month in Madrid again and I can't wait to see my friends over there! Looking forward seeing you guys! *Muuuak.